Daniel Ortega pulverized opposition in Nicaragua and headed for fourth re-election

In the midst of a wave of repression that has prisoners about 160 opponents, 4.4 million Nicaraguans are called to vote tomorrow in an election that will make the fourth reelection of Daniel Ortega and his wife, Rosario Murillo.

The television presenter Berta Valle, wife of the inmate presidential candidate Félix Maradiaga, talked with El Heraldo de México from his exile in Miami; She said her husband was detained on June 8 and “was missing for 84 days.”

The opposition saw a way out of the crisis in their country through electoral channels and, since 2020, they began to organize; Félix was chosen as a candidate by the Blue and White National Unity, one of the largest organizations, the candidates of each movement signed a letter in which they promised to support the formula that emerged from national polls and that had a greater chance of beating him. Ortega, explained the communicator.

However, in “May the repressive wave began and the first kidnapped candidate was Cristiana Chamorro, who led the polls, followed by Arturo Cruz, Félix Madariaga, Juan Sebastián Chamorro and now we have more than 160 political prisoners, —there are businessmen, students, peasants and journalists— ”, he detailed.

There are seven candidates deprived of their freedom; the regime says that there are none in the El Chipote prison because “these figures did not have the opportunity to register; the regime withdrew the legal personality of the political parties and left them without any possibility of contesting ”.

Recently there has been a distribution of power: Murillo is in charge of administration and social policies; Ortega of economic affairs, he explained.

“It seems that there is going to be a kind of transition of power because we have noticed, at least, when you can see Ortega, that he definitely has a mental health deterioration. We see Murillo assuming the spokesperson. “
Valle spoke of the late response of the international community, but welcomed the recognition of what is happening in Nicaragua.




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