Darkroom for macOS receives a new interface and a large number of improvements

Darkroom is a photo and video editor designed for both professionals and amateurs completely free, although it integrates purchases within the application, which offers us all the necessary tools to bring our photographs to life, both from a Mac and from an iPhone or iPad with the respective application for iOS.

In addition, it offers us excellent results when it comes to work with files in RAW format, integrates a complete album to manage all the photographs, a function that allows us to manage the blur of portrait mode, curved tools and selective color and a video editor for which a subscription to Darkroom + is necessary.

For a few hours, the application for macOS, like the version for iOS, have just been updated adding a large number of functions, functions that we detail below:

Improvements in the user’s interface

  • If the app interface is totally hidden (when you tap the image to see it full screen), we now allow you to swipe to dismiss and return to the library.
  • Improved the flags and rejects bar when sliding to reveal it when editing tools are also open, now this will not force the collapse of the editing tools, but the flags and rejects bar will automatically collapse after use. This way, you have a quick way to dial or reject.
  • When choosing a photo to add to an album on Mac, double-clicking a photo will add it to that album.

What’s New in Image Upload

  • The imaging and loading infrastructure has been rebuilt to provide faster image delivery, more accurate results, and improved reliability.
  • When editing a photo, library work is now stopped that could interrupt your interaction with sliders.
  • All image views in the application now share the same image provider, ensuring that they are all up-to-date, share resources, and are fast and reliable.
  • Much less memory is now used in the cache layer, ensuring that the sliders remain responsive and stable.

What’s New in RAW + JPG Photos

  • A new setting has been added to define which version you want to load by default. This allows us to skip asking you every time if you want to change the default value when changing.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause RAW photos to appear too small and JPEG photos to display visual glitches when switching between the two.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause RAW photos to display their dark regions too bright.

What’s new in Trim and transform

  • The aspect ratio option for clipping has been improved, making the selection of the “As Shot” and “Free” options remain in all editing sessions.
  • When clipping, the gesture to discard tools is now disabled, which could hinder clipping.

What’s new in image export

  • When exporting, we now pause all other image processing to speed up the export, and give it as much memory as possible.
  • We now reuse much more memory between editing and exporting, reducing application memory load and ensuring that export jobs always have the memory they need to finish their work.
  • HDR video export has been improved ensuring that it is now exported to SDR with the correct colors. When we support HDR editing and export from start to finish, we will re-enable HDR exports.
  • Fixed a bug where exporting 4K videos with one frame would hang
Darkroom: Photo / Video Editor (AppStore Link)

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