‘DARQ: Complete Edition’, free on the Epic Games Store

One more week, habemus free games in the Epic Games Store … And considering the week we are in, you can imagine if not the theme, then the ‘roll’ of the title that you can take by your face with just a couple of clicks. In fact, the three free games on the Epic Games Store this October have been the same …

… In other words, the perfect accompaniment to enjoy this Halloween, be it the action of the frantic action and with all the self-confidence of Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse, the most classic horror of Among the sleep… or the lucid nightmare that he proposes DARQ: Complete Edition, the game that you can buy from now on the Epic Games store.

But what exactly is it about DARQ: Complete Edition? Well, the “lucid nightmare” is not going to be painted, although between playing it or dreaming it, the first is better because the second could cause a nervous breakdown to the most painted, worth the redundancy, and that is that while the playability of DARQ: Complete Edition it’s excellent, the setting… it’s also excellent, but worthy of the most twisted and sinister Tim Burton.

DARQ: Complete Edition is, in fact, a game of puzzle-solving adventures to advance in the story, but it is really dark … In addition to being very well valued, yes: it is not a frantic title, but a logical one, to hit the coconut to break through the dark dungeons, and it has been liked by users alike for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series and Windows.

The DARQ: Complete Edition that you can get for free in the Epic Games Store from today until next Thursday, November 4However, it is only for Windows, as has been common in the promotions of this store, although many times it is multiplatform games. For reasons like this, but not only, Steam continues to lead the industry.

In any case, if you want DARQ: Complete Edition free, yours is to claim it at this link, after identification with your Epic Games Store account done, by the way, they are on sale for Halloween … as they are on Steam. Without further ado, we leave you with the trailer of DARQ: Complete Edition.

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