Data centers will have more robotic “employees” in the near future

The data centers from all over the world will have probably many more robotic ’employees’ soon than they have today. This is confirmed by the consulting firm Gartner, whose analysts point out that by 2025, half of the cloud data centers will deploy bots with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities, which will increase their efficiency by up to 30%.

In principle, one of the main reasons for these data centers to use more robots is the efficiency mentioned, but what is really attracting the most attention of their owners is the difference between the volumes of servers and storage in the centers. of data and the number of people and operators capable of managing it all.

According Sid Nag, Research Vice President, Gartner, «The risk of doing nothing to address this shortage is significant for businesses. Data center operations will grow in complexity as organizations move more diverse workloads to the cloud, and as the cloud becomes the platform for the combined use of additional technologies, such as the edge or 5G. , to mention a few«.

From the consultancy they point out that most of the work carried out in a data center is «boring, complex and repetitive“, And they mention tasks such as capacity planning, correctly sizing virtual machines and container environments, as well as ensuring efficient use of resources to avoid spending to avoid spending in the cloud. Everything could be managed by a bot with Artificial Intelligence. And according to Nag, «Data centers are the ideal sector to couple robots and Artificial Intelligence to offer a more secure, precise and efficient environment, which requires much less human intervention«.

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