Datasphere, the SAP solution to simplify data management in companies

SAP has announced several new additions to its portfolio of data management products and services. Of them, the main one is SAP Datasphere, a solution that offers clients facilities to access business-related information from their entire data environment. In addition, the company has announced several alliances with companies related to data and Artificial Intelligence: Collibra NV, Confluent, Databricks and DataRobot.

Thanks to these agreements, which entail the integration of the data flow of these companies in various SAP software tools, the company hopes to enrich Datasphere and allow companies to generate a data architecture that combines SAP and non-SAP data.

Datasphere helps eliminate the need to extract data from multiple sources and then export it to a central location, a process that can lead to loss of important information and recovery across IT projects that require time and manual effort. . SAP Datasphere, which is the next generation of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solution, enables you to develop an enterprise data fabric architecture that enables rapid access to important information, while keeping both the context and logic intact. company.

With Datasphere, those who work with data have scalable access to it, as well as a unified experience for managing it. This includes its integration, cataloging, semantic modeling, storage, federation and virtualization. Thus, data professionals can distribute information about the business, with its logic and context, to the entire data environment of the company.

Datasphere prevents customers from taking extra steps or migrations by providing a data cataloging capability that automatically discovers, manages, and governs data. This is also helped by its simplified data replication and data modeling. It incorporates the enterprise security features of the SAP Business Technology Platform, on which it is based, that are applied to the database, as well as other encryption and governance features. In the future, the company plans to add other capabilities to Datasphere, centered on integrating applications into it that link data and metadata from SAP cloud solutions.

Juergen Mueller, CTO and member of the Board of Directors of SAP SEhas recalled that «having Considering that SAP customers generate 87% of global trade, SAP data is among a company’s most valuable business assets and is used across an organization’s most critical functions, from manufacturing to supply chains, finance, human resources, etc. We want to help our customers take the next step to easily and confidently integrate SAP data with non-SAP data from third-party applications and platforms, unlocking entirely new insights and insights to take digital transformation to another level. level«.

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