Datisa bets on business intelligence with its native BI

Datisa continues to evolve and has just taken a new step at the business level. It has just presented its new module for drive business intelligence in the SME ecosystem. It is a native BI model, developed within the modular umbrella of its business management suite.

This new Datisa native BI will make it easier for SMEs to data exploitation and decision making. And it will help them implement continuous improvement processes. Processes based on the systematic and systemic analysis of their own data.

Pablo Couso, Datisa’s commercial director says that “Datisa’s native BI is integrated into the ERP, making everything work automatically, with the data that the business management software itself works with. We are talking about a “data cube” system that is integrated in a transparent way -without consulting or additional IT support- and that provides analytical, reporting and data mining knowledge. And, with this, organizations will have a broader vision and in less time of their current situation, its evolution, possible trends, opportunities, areas for improvement, etc.”

Datisa’s native BI makes a powerful solution for business intelligence available to SMEs once again, until recently reserved only for large companies. In fact, as explained by -Couso- “We are talking about initiatives that a few years ago involved complex consulting projects, custom developments and long implementation times. Our native BI, 100% for SMEs, has pulverized costs, times and complexity”.

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In this sense, from Datisa they clarify that their new native BI module is a “turnkey” project. Plug and play. It installs itself and “attacks·” the data. No prior consulting. No waiting times, nor long implementation and/or configuration periods. We are talking about a Responsive system, that is, it operates easily on any device. And friendly because it provides very visual and easy-to-understand information. No need to search for data, but it is the data that appears in front of the user. The ERP, later, allows to deepen in the information.

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The dashboards presented by the new Datisa Business Intelligence module are the key elements. Each dashboard includes a set of related key indicators that allow you to limit an object of analysis from different points of view. That is, limit the data, transform it into information and, this, in turn, into knowledge for decision making. The secret: the panoramic and global vision that the dashboard provides on a specific aspect.

The success of Datisa’s native BI lies in the analysis of all the ERP information from different perspectives. This gives small and medium-sized businesses the speed and accuracy they need for decision making. The new module of the Spanish ERP manufacturer for SMEs analyzes the data from five different perspectives: Financial, Sales, Purchases, Warehouse, Management.

Each of these perspectives includes a series of dashboards with key indicators for decision making. In the commercial area, for example, the system facilitates the monitoring of sales and allows the analysis of information related to the product/service, the customer, the margin, returns, commercials, etc.

In short, the incorporation of this new native BI module to Datisa’s ERP provides SMEs with the business intelligence they need to operate flexibly in a context of permanent change.

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