Dave Bautista talks about the second season of See and how he connects with Jason Momoa

Dave Bautista

With the premiere of the second season of the See series on Apple TV +, Apple posted a new video on its YouTube channel in which the protagonists talk about it. Dave Bautista, one of the main novelties of this second season, has given an interview to the publication Variety, in which he talks about his work with Jason Momoa.

According to him, Baustisa and Momoa blend in even though they are both very different in some respects, since while Bautista is a very calm person, Momoa is the opposite.

Momoa plays Baba Voss in the series and Bautista takes on the role of Edo Voss, his brother. Their relationship is complicated to say the least, but Bautista believes that not necessarily his character’s fault but of the environment and the situation that they have had to live.

He had wanted to work with Momoa for years. We just got on very well. It’s strange. We are very similar in certain aspects, but our personalities, our energies are extremely opposite. He is a very energetic person, very outgoing, and I am an introverted person, with very little energy.

I would never say that Edo is a good guy. But I think it is a product of its environment. I think you think you mean well. I think he thinks he’s doing his best. I also think his relationship with Baba, I think his resentment comes from a legitimate place.

Bautista also goes into detail about the portrayal of a blind man on screen and the work that was done to make sure it was perceived correctly. The third season of See has already recorded along with the second, but at the moment it is unknown and Dave Bautista will continue to be part of the third season, a season that could be the last of the series if the criticism does not go back.

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