Dbrand resumes selling custom cases for PS5

Months ago, when Sony itself revealed its official PS5 teardown video, it was seen that the shells of this console could be easily replaced. Something that, despite the dislike of the Japanese company, soon became the arrival of some custom designs from third parties.

However, as we saw in the case of CustomizeMyPlates, legal pressure from Sony managed to greatly mitigate this impact. Although not completely, since Dbrand, a brand that according to 2019 estimates managed to sell products worth 86.9 million dollars, remained firm, now achieving victory in the courts.

Under the message of «Checkmate, lawyers», Dbrand explains the reasons for his victory: «You cannot successfully sue someone for alleged ‘design infringement’ without a registered design patent. Sony did not have a registered design patent for the PS5 side panels when we released Darkplates (or for many, many months after launch) […] By creating a completely new design, Darkplates 2.0 successfully closes the cycle of this dispute and neutralizes any future infringement claims from Sony. More importantly, it makes your PlayStation 5 considerably less ugly.«.

Although they have also taken the opportunity to fully explain everything modified and how they will act from now on with their Darkplates 2.0 lineIn addition to a new design, the panels feature cutouts for the PS5’s 120mm intake fans, stating that its new boards will maximize the console’s thermal performance. And is that even thinking about the possible additional entry of dust into the console, each set of Darkplates comes with a pair of mesh dust filters that you can mount inside the panels.

So Dbrand didn’t want to wait a single second, immediately resuming all your orders and re-activating the availability of pre-purchase of its in three colors: matte black, retro gray and classic white, all of them at a price of $ 59.05. Although of these, the company also sells some LED strips with which we can change the color of the side light of our PS5, with up to nine different colors, and a price of just $ 5.95.

However, although Dbrand has already assured that it will launch a large number of panels, with shipments scheduled from this month of November to January, it is very possible that we will see some delays. And the company seems very sure that Sony will take legal action again.

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