DDR5 RAM for your Core 12? It takes 64GB at 5,200MHz!

The launch of the new Intel platform, Alder lake, It is just around the corner. In addition to the news that the new generation of CPUs from the silicon giant, we also have other news in other aspects, such as that it will be the first desktop platform to use the DDR5 RAM new generation. Manufacturers have been preparing for months, and now TeamGroup has finally announced the release of his memoirs T-Force Vulcan DDR5 Gaming Memory, which come in kits up to 64GB at 5,200MHz.

We are (in theory) a couple of weeks away from the launch of Intel’s new platform, which in turn will debut DDR5 RAM for the first time; This generational leap is causing a lot of expectation but also a lot of doubts, and especially in relation to the stock due to the problems in the supply chains. TeamGroup has now launched a press release announcing the availability of what will be its first DDR5 memories, and it must be recognized that the doubts have increased a bit because they have not published or release date neither price.

Up to 64GB with TeamGroup DDR5 RAM

This is a relatively basic RAM memory kit, but according to the manufacturer it has been selected with the utmost care to offer the best possible potential in terms of both performance and Overclocking capacity. With a sleek, low-profile design, this TeamGroup RAM memory is called T-Force Vulcan Gaming Memory, and it comes with slimline heat sinks made of aluminum and painted in two colors: red or black.

With this family of RAM, the manufacturer will provide kits of up to 2 x 32GB capacity with speeds reaching 5,200 MHz thanks to your XMP 3.0 profile integrated, so even the most novice users will have no problem getting it to work at peak performance on Intel’s new Alder Lake platform.

Obviously, these memory kits will have more variants: they will be available in frequencies of 4,800 MHz and 5,200 MHz (they will be expanded more soon), and with capacity options with 16 and 32 GB modules, which means that we will have 32 GB kits ( 2 x 16 GB) and 64 GB (2 x 32 GB), but later we will also see other options with up to 128 GB (4 x 32 GB).

The full potential of DDR5 at your fingertips

T-Force Vulcan DDR5

TeamGroup is one of the manufacturers that has always been at the forefront of the development of the new generation DDR5 RAM memory, and in fact was the first to teach functional memory modules. For this reason, their hard work has paid off very soon and these RAMs are said to have incredible overclocking potential that will delight the most demanding users, while also making it easy for novice users.

These T-Force Vulcan Gaming Memory DDR5 RAM memories are equipped with a Power management IC and present ECC built-in (error correction code) for more efficient power use, which coupled with its low operating voltage and the effectiveness of its built-in heatsinks will allow you to have a lot of room for maneuver to raise your operating frequency so that it is not be weighed down by high temperatures.

As we mentioned at the beginning, unfortunately the manufacturer has announced its launch but has not said anything about the exact launch date or the price that we will have to pay for these new kits, so we will probably have to wait for them to arrive. the stores to be able to reveal these two unknowns.

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