DDR5 RAM will have the price of a low-end GPU!

Although it is something that you have heard us say on several or multiple occasions, the PC and server sector needs a drastic change in RAM. The first step will be the new DDR5 that will arrive in a few weeks for the first and in a few months for the second, but what nobody talks about and now we have confirmation is about the price of it. How about buying a kit DDR5 RAM at the price of a GPU?

As has been leaked, Intel will launch its 12 Gen Core processors on the 4th of this coming month, that is, on November 4. Logically, and if we are more or less up to date with these processors, we will know that they include support for the new DDR5 that debuts with them at the same time, but what if the price was so high that it does not really compensate for the purchase and the performance?

DDR5 will be very expensive, is it worth it?


We could intuit that with the output of this type of memory the price would be higher than that of the already profitable DDR4, it is logical on the other hand, but what we could not intuit is the difference in price. The DDR5 brings important news that will make a difference even at the same frequency as DDR4 and at the same latencies, not to mention the frequency increase, voltage reduction and control of the same.

This is why it is an important feature of Intel processors that, in theory, will further boost their performance, but is this increase justifiable against the price? Well, as MSI has said and confirmed, the price of RAM will be very high, to be specific:

Historically, the newer memory technology has always been around 30-40% overpriced over the previous generation. However, this time around, DDR5 includes additional components that have increased costs even further. As a result, we expect a price premium of 50-60% compared to DDR4 at launch.

It usually takes around 2 years to reach price parity with previous generations, and we expect the trends to remain similar with DDR5 modules as well.

In summary, the prices of DDR5 will be between 50% and 60% higher, which with the current cost of 32 or 64 GB that is almost necessary (especially in the case of the first) for gaming, we are talking about prices that will be on the 300 or 350 dollars, practically what an RX 6600 is worth at MSRP.

Intel, its CPUs and BMIs


Intel had to be aware for at least a couple of years of the prices that we are going to see in two and a half weeks, since the design of the Alder Lake CPU BMI supports both DDR4 and DDR5. The rumors of the delay in the presentation and sale of these processors were precisely aimed at the price and the number of kits available, where many manufacturers do not arrive on time and therefore a very limited stock of units is expected.

In addition, the number of motherboards with DDR4 is limited, despite the fact that manufacturers have tried to balance the models between both types of memory. And it is that as we already warned there will not be, except for a superlative design and outside the margins of Intel, plates with DDR5 and DDR4 coexisting without problems.

So if you want a good DDR5 kit, prepare your pocket and keep saving, because everything indicates that we will see outrageous prices, and that the market continues to reduce the cost of DDR4 modules. Let’s imagine the 2019 scenario around this time, it would be dantesque.

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