Deactivating likes on Facebook: goodbye to digital anxiety

Should social media be controlled?

Before explaining the process you must follow to stop seeing these interactions on your Facebook account, we would like to discuss something with you. An issue that is in the social spotlight at the moment: Should social media be controlled?

The truth is that things seem to have gotten out of control through social networks. There are many people trying to make a living with them and they need those numbers to be able to do it. Others, on the other hand, simply compete for who has the most likes in their latest publication. This type of thing ends up affecting many users who spend time on social networks on a psychological level, producing depressions, anxiety and many other problems.

And worst of all is when this directly affects the younger population. Adolescents who want to be and have the life of their favorite influencer, without stopping to see, analyze and know everything that is hidden behind that facade.

For this reason, we and many other users believe that it should exist and be established certain control via social media. ¿What is the starting point? Well, it seems that a good start is this initiative that began a couple of years ago with Mark Zuckerberg’s company. This movement consists in that, manually (for the moment), we can stop seeing and showing the number of interactions that our publications have. At first they did it through Instagram with a small select group of users to, as they always do, see what their behavior was.

It seems that these tests came to fruition because, today, we already have this option available for all of us who are Instagram and Facebook users. So next, we want to show you how you can do it on your Facebook profile.

How to disable “likes” on Facebook

Coming to the most important part of this article, you should know something quite curious. And it is that, without understanding the reason very well, it seems that this social network does not want to make it easy for us to hide this data, or at least not on all devices.

Why do we say this? Well, because, to do it from our computer using the browser, the place where the option is found is not intuitive at all. What’s more, we ourselves have taken a long time to locate the menu.

Deactivate likes on Facebook from your mobile

What is certain is that, from the application itself for our mobile phone (either with an Android or an iPhone), the process is not complex at all:

  • Enter the Facebook app to your account.
  • Here click on the menu with the three lines in the lower right corner.
  • Once in this section, click on «Settings and privacy», and then click on «Settings» again.
  • In this new screen you will have to go to the «Preferences» section and, in it, click on “Reaction preferences”.
  • Arrived at this new screen we will see it quite clearly. Have two options to hide the number of reactions in our posts: one for other people’s content and another for our own.

Now it depends on what you want to do or, rather, see while browsing through Facebook. But the truth is that, if you “silence” the two options, we can assure you that you will feel greater peace by not seeing any data that could lead to comparison with the rest.

Hide Facebook likes from your computer

As we told you, in the case of accessing Facebook through the browser, the process is not so intuitive, although it is not complicated by any means. You just have to follow this route:

  • Enter your Facebook account.
  • Click on the arrow icon that you will have in the upper right corner.
  • In the new drop-down, click on “Settings and privacy”.
  • Now, instead of entering the configuration as we did from the phone, you have to access the menu with the name «News section preferences».
  • A new window will be displayed automatically where we can see, among many other options, that of “Reaction preferences”. Access it.
  • Again, as we saw in the previous section, we have two options to choose from that will directly affect the display of likes in our account: one for other people’s publications and another for our publications.

Limit what kind of “likes” you share

Another curious aspect of this type of information that we share, and that not many people know, is that we can limit a certain type of “likes” that we share through Facebook.

Imagine that you have a professional profile that is dedicated to the dissemination of video games and that, obviously, you are not interested in letting everyone who follows you know that you have liked a publication of your favorite restaurant. Well, this is an aspect that you will be able to control of your account and, like other things, getting to it is not entirely intuitive. Follow the steps below:

  • Access your Facebook account from the browser.
  • Click on the icon of your photo to get to the wall.
  • Here you have to click, just below your photo, on the “See more” option.
  • In this dropdown select “Like”.
  • Now, just below, all the pages, movies and different elements that you have given a like with your account will appear. When you start this category (just above) you will see the name “Like” and just in the opposite corner you will see the typical menu of the three points. Press it and select «Edit the privacy of your likes».
  • A new drop-down will appear showing the different categories of likes that can be registered. If you do not want your likes related to movie publications to be seen, for example, click on the world icon on the right and adjust the privacy of who will be able to see them.

Here you will be able to choose that only certain types of I like your friends see, only you see them or, even, customize it so that certain people do not see these likes. A very curious function that is sure to be useful to many people.

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