Dead Space remake will have highly detailed dismemberments

More terror in deep space

And in that we are, encouraging ourselves with everything that we are seeing around this remake that EA Motive is finishing and that, if nothing goes wrong, we will have available for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC in January 2023. Specifically on the 23rd. So technically there is nothing left, although some details are becoming known that will delight the most lovers of the part gory of the franchise.

It must be remembered that the history of dead space It takes us to an incident in space starring Isaac Clarke in the middle of the 16th century, who will have no choice but to dock at the docks of the USG Ishimura mining company that shows no signs of life. So it’s time to get into the wolf’s mouth to understand what has happened to the crew and, if it is in our power, return things to normal.

It goes without saying that along the way we will meet a series of beasts and deformed beings that, originally, we knew as necromorphs. Deformed creatures, with arms and legs of different sizes, brutalized heads and bloody viscera appearing from the abdomen, back and practically any pore of their bodies. So you have to eliminate them all as it is.

More detail, more wild

One of the innovations brought by the first dead space of 2008 is that the enemies were not shot and that’s it. It was possible to do it by aiming at the legs or arms to sever them and knock them to the ground, which caused them to move more slowly and become an easier target. Now, with technology evolving at every moment, those fights will be even more realistic and, therefore, less compatible with the endurance of a stomach gamer medium.

A developer from the studio itself has acknowledged that those beasts now have more detailthat their limbs and bodies are not a block of polygons and that’s it, but that they have muscles and bones under their skin that are part of the whole and that react independently with each impact of a bullet or any other projectile that our weapons spit out.

That will take the action to an even higher level, with super-realistic animations of bones, muscles and pieces of meat blown up or ripped apart in a way never seen before in the franchise. That, as you can imagine, transforms the experience of dead space in much more gory and not suitable for many of the players who already enjoyed the original 2008 title where, saving the distances, the horror and hemoglobin did not impress them so much due to the limitations of the graphics engines and the hardware of both consoles and PC.

And you, are you eager to play with dead space?

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