Deadpool 3: according to Reynolds, filming could begin in 2022

It is again Ryan Reynolds to break the silence on the processing of Deadpool 3, stating that there is a 70% chance that filming on the film will begin in 2022.

The actor, currently engaged in the promotion of Free Guy, confirmed that the development of the film is continuing unabated, with a great deal of work on the part of the writers Molyneaux.

Deadpool 3 may begin filming next year

The third film in the series is proving to be the most complicated and time-consuming to make, mainly due to the Disney-Fox merger that has created a new starting point for the mutants landed in Marvel.

If the MCU is about to introduce Fox’s long-awaited superheroes, Deadpool may also be preparing to land in one of the upcoming films of the Marvel Studios. The film has been long and still underway, but it seems that its making is well underway and that we will be able to see Deadpool again on the big screen in a few years.

Ryan Reynolds, interviewed by Collider, revealed that Deadpool 3 is well advanced and that there is a 70% probability that filming will begin in 2022. A long job but done in the best way, thanks also to the screenwriters Molyneaux:

It’s something you have to dedicate yourself to on a daily basis. Writing is a bit like that, you have to have time to do it and inspiration. I’m working with the Molyneaux sisters on the film and it’s really great. They are so talented and intelligent, they understand that world perfectly and know how to juggle the various aspects of the film.

The trust of Reynolds on the progress of the script and the filming of Deadpool 3 is very high and looks promising for the third installment of the franchise. After Korg, the moment is getting closer and closer when the Mercenary Chatty will come face to face with the superheroes of the MCU.

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