Deal: This LED Bluetooth speaker shows your pixelated animations

Looking for an original gift for these holidays? We know, it is getting more and more difficult to get it right. If you want to get off a tangent a bit, know that right now you have a nice Amazon Bluetooth speaker with LED display capable of displaying animations with a pixelated aesthetic that is also on sale. Take advantage and do not miss the opportunity to hunt him down.

Timebox EVO Pixel Art, the perfect Bluetooth speaker

Speakers with a Bluetooth connection are on the market today, but what about a built-in LED display to show pixelated compositions? Of those there are already many less. The Timebox EVO Pixel Art has precisely that feature: the device is capable of becoming a true miniature center of attention, thanks to the fact that in addition to having an internal DSP speaker, it mounts a self-programming LED display 256 RGB in which still or moving images can be displayed.

The best thing is that those pixel creations you can make yourself through a mobile app thought for the occasion that also handles and converts GIFs. The app also has a large gallery of ideas and pixel art proposals, so that you will never run out of ideas or variety to display on the speaker. Among the many images that you can show, there is also the time, temperature or date, so it can also be a good accessory to have on your desk or in a consultation place. It is even configurable as alarm, so it even has a hole in the bedside table.

Divoom Timebox EVO Pixel Art

The Timebox can double as a stopwatch, score marker, and even offers a fun DJ mode where you can listen to your music and add fun sounds or beats to it. As if that were not enough, it allows the reception of notifications (in a basic way, of course), being able to see if you have notices from many social networks by showing their icon on the screen.

In short, an original speaker and much more complete than many may think, which also accumulates a good number of positive evaluations on Amazon. And now, in addition, it is on sale.

Buy it at the all-time low on Amazon

If you are interested in getting it either as a Christmas gift or even to indulge yourself, know that right now the Timebox EVO Pixel Art is on sale and at your leisure. best price historical to date.

In this way, instead of the 59.99 euros it costs, you can buy it right now for 47.99 euros (it’s down 20%). It is sent from Amazon and falls within the company’s extended return policy, which supports them until January 31, 2022 -in case you finally decide to put it under the tree or portal of Bethlehem. It’s already taking time to click.

This article contains an affiliate link, which means that The Output may receive some commission if you buy this fun speaker. At no time, yes, the publication decision has been made at the request of the aforementioned brand: it simply seems to us a very original, geek product and worthy of investment by any reader of this medium.

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