Deal: This smart water fountain is perfect for your pet

Petkit water dispenser with a drinking cat

If you have pets at home and more than once you have thought about getting a gadget automatic water dispenser, today you are in luck. It turns out that right now you have one of the most interesting models available on Amazon at a good discount, which will surely motivate you to buy it. What do you tell us? Do you finally dare to give that whim to your best friend?

Baseus Lotis Y1, designed for cats

Automatic dispensers are undoubtedly one of the best solutions we currently have to cover the needs of our pets while we are away. There are those who are in charge of managing the animal’s feed while others are in charge of the water, always keeping it clean and “fresh” for them.

Precisely within this second category this Pekit team is included. It is a fountain that is responsible for providing filtered water continuously, thus encouraging the animal to drink even more. With a 2 liter capacityIt is sure to be ultra-quiet and has several modes (Smart, Normal and Night) so that you can manage its operation as you see fit.

For your control, of course, we have a smartphone appin which you will be able to see at all times if the fountain is working or not, the state of the filter or when the water was last replaced (so you will never be caught by surprise when your animal does not have water).

Petkit water dispenser next to a smartphone

Built with plastic and silicone materials, the Eversweet Solo 2, which is what the device is called, has dimensions of 185 x 185 x 164 mm and is presented in an elegant white color. It is promoted as a fountain specially designed for cats, but it could also be useful to satisfy the needs of your dog (depending on the size of your faithful friend, of course).

In any case, always remember: this type of gadget with a help to facilitate the care of our animals but never a substitute. Both the food and water dispensers are designed so that we do not have to be 100% on top of each other all the time or even so that we can be away from home for a certain time with peace of mind, but never to completely neglect the attention our pet requires.

Now with a discount on Amazon

Interested? Well, you should take advantage of the discount that it has right now in the Amazon storefront. And it is that of the 55.99 euros that it costs, now you can buy for 46.99 eurosthus saving you 16%.

Being one of the best valued smart dispensers in the electronic store, it is still a good investment for a product that is now reaching its minimum price with this offer.

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you could have the equipment ready for your cat or dog tomorrow -as long as you make the purchase in the next 12 hours- without any additional cost.

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