Deale completes a pre-seed round of 320,000 euros to continue facilitating contact between companies

The Deale platform, specialized in facilitate contact between companies, investors and businesses, has closed a pre-seed round of 320,000 euros. In addition, the digital platform has more than 190 interested companies, with more than 460 million euros of accumulated turnover.

Renowned businessmen from Barcelona and Madrid participate in this round, such as the former CEO of the Vopi4 construction group with more than 230 million euros in turnover, the reference shareholder of the Ivemon Ambulancias Egara healthcare group with sales of 55 million euros, the former CEO de Pronovias and the founding partner of Lexway Abogados, as well as former partners of PwC, the startup ecosystem Oryon Universal, the pledge fund Levels Up Ventures, investor in companies such as Treinta or Bioo.

Investors trust Deale as it is a project that transcends all sectors and whose main objective is increase company size, helping the small ones to become medium and large ones, while facilitating the generational change or the monetization of so many years of effort of those more familiar companies.

According to Josep María Barnes, one of the benchmark investors and former CEO of the construction group Vopi4: “Deale will help companies to find investors, help them to gain size or for founders to be able to monetize the effort involved in starting a company from scratch. Entrepreneurs are not very familiar with the buying and selling processes and I believe that a tool This will help to democratize the service ”.

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These first months of life, Deale has grown organically, getting more than 190 companies with an accumulated turnover of more than 460 million euros to be interested in the platform and has the first conversations with private equity investors focused on SMEs such as Henko Partners, Goros Investments or Trichome Capital.

Target, 1,000 active companies

In addition, in the next year Deale aims to have more than 1,000 active companies on its portal looking for investors and working with the different investment funds that are looking for interesting projects.

Gerard García, founder of the Barcelona-based startup, which has a team of six, explains: «This investment round will help us continue to grow, expand our team and establish ourselves as the only digital M&A platform that helps SMEs, investors and advisers to do business and find unique opportunities.

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