Dealerbest and Geotab join forces to optimize fleet management

The company specialized in digitalization, workflow transformation, document management and mobility in companies, Dealerbest, has just reached an agreement to optimize the fleet management. Recently, he has announced his collaboration with Geotab Inc.supplier company telematics technology with more than three million connected vehicles worldwide.

With this collaboration, Dealerbest, a benchmark in the automotive sector and with more than 30 years of experience in the automotive market, will be able to provide fleet managers with the necessary telematics tools to make the most of the potential of your vehicle data.

Geotab’s technology will allow them to connect their customers’ software and devices. In this way, they will be able to have the necessary data to make the appropriate business decisions that lead them to reduce operational costs, increase safety, reduce carbon emissions and achieve more efficient fleets.

Efficiency, safety and maintenance

With the installation of Geotab’s GO vehicle tracking device connected to their open and secure platform, they will offer their customers the ability to take data-driven strategic decisions. Vehicles in different fleets will send information from various sources such as the engine, transmission, instrument cluster, and other subsystems to the device.

In this way, the functionalities of the GO device extend the excellence of Dealerbest’s services. From now on they will include the exact tracking of vehicle activity with information about the location, speed, distance traveled, travel history, idling time or vehicle driving patterns, among others.

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In addition, when a collision occurs, Geotab’s proprietary algorithms and the accelerometer of the GO device will allow them to be reconstructed thanks to the constant recording of vehicle variables such as acceleration, braking, cornering, etc. As a result, alerts can be configured to improve vehicle behavior and increase safety, which will also be reinforced thanks to the recording of information on the status of certain vehicle components.

Paco Diaz, CEO of Dealerbest, “We are very excited about this adventure that we started with Geotab and more with the people on his team. Valuing everything that we are and building a context like the one we have managed to create is wonderful. In the world of mobility, I believe that this project is one of the projects that will bring the most value to companies, professionals and the self-employed to accompany them in their working life”.

Iván Lequerica, Vice President of Southern and Western Europe at Geotab, states: “Having Dealerbest in our ecosystem of partners will help us to promote the digitization of mobility in Spain, in addition to helping companies reduce their operating costs and their environmental impact”.

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