Deals on Logitech and Razer gaming headsets, minimal prices!

Logitech G PRO

Comfort, build quality, professionally made profile equalization, and bomb-proof durability. This is how these Logitech G PRO are presented, which are named precisely after their 50mm drivers called by the brand as PRO-G Transducers.

What these drivers do is deliver an enhanced spatial image with clear, accurate sound and no distorting bass. In addition, we will have a professional microphone to communicate, without forgetting the External DAC that integrates via USB to further improve the experience and positioning.

They cost 105 euros, but after falling by 44% now they remain in 58.67 euros.

Razer Kraken X

Razer Kraken X

A headset for those who are bothered by the weight even if they are very comfortable. With only 250 grams it is difficult to find something of this quality on the market and with those figures. 7.1 surround sound for clear and accurate positional audio, 40mm drivers optimized for large atria, flexible and foldable cardioid microphone, audio controls in the left atrium and of course maximum compatibility with current gaming platforms.

At the price they are at right now, it is practically impossible to buy something better for this cost, since they fall from 59.99 euros to 28.92 euros, a discount of none other than the 52%. You don’t have to hesitate for a single second.

Razer Kraken

They are the curiously most advanced version in terms of features and price with an unbeatable ratio. They follow the guidelines of the high performance industry by implementing two drivers of 50 mm that are really accurate in representing even the lightest footprint and at a considerable distance.

One of the advantages that these headphones have and that are highly valued by users are the cooled pads that they integrate, since their gel allows to extract heat from the ear area efficiently while maintaining the correct temperature and avoiding sweat.

They are made of a synthetic leather fabric that also helps to improve acoustic insulation and that with its oval shape and design maximizes this sound experience. Its microphone is retractable and unidirectional, as well as flexible obviously, which improves comfort whether we speak and need it or not.

Another of the strengths of this series, as we have already seen in its younger brother, is the multiplatform compatibility, since they can be used in PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and mobiles as long as they have a 3.5 mm mini Jack.

They have gone from costing 79.99 euros to 41.32 euros, an impressive drop from 48%. If you doubt, it is because you either don’t like them or because you don’t need them, because at that price it is an all-time low for a limited time.

And so far the offers on gaming headphones at historic minimum prices, enjoy them!

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