Deals on SteelSeries and ASUS mice at historic lows!

Without a doubt we are facing a great time of year to play. Triple A titles like Battlefield 2042 (yes, we know) or COD: Vanguard have come out and there are many others in the pipeline that everyone wants to play. Therefore, in today’s offers we are going to propose two gaming mice that are with succulent discounts to the point that both have a historical minimum price. One of the mice belongs to SteelSeries and another to ASUS, Do you want to know what they are? Enters.

Why change your gaming mouse now?

Given the discounts, the truth is that on a whim rather, although if you need to improve your precision, aim, want new technologies and experiment with them or why not, a gift for a relative, here are two of the best-selling mice on the market for its ratio of characteristics and price.

ASUS ROG Strix Impact II

This mouse has two main qualities that differentiate it from the rest and that are not as common as you might expect: it is compact and it is ambidextrous. It seems unimpressive, but many players have “square” fingers and hands, meaning their fingers are not very long and their palm is very wide, causing them to suffer with longer-sized mice.

In this case it will not be the case, where in addition the clicks are strategically positioned to ensure the best contact and disposition thanks to the ultra-fast response pivoting switches. Its cable is made of soft rubber and prevents it from being pinched, its optical sensor with 6200 DPI With 4 levels of sensitivity per physical button, it is ideal to achieve the best precision without losing speed and if we need a change … Just press its button.

In addition, it is difficult to find a mouse of this price that allows us to exchange the switches to our liking, which has RGB all in just 79 grams of weight. It cost 49.99 euros and now we can get it for only 26.95 euros after a 46% drop.

SteelSeries Rival 5

SteelSeries Rival 5

He is a veteran already around and surely you have read us about him. Its design is quite novel with unusual proportions and bezels that keep quite a few secrets. Let’s start with the obvious: 9 programmable buttons of which 5 are laterals with fast action where we have a larger trigger type that is used for faster actions in each game.

It is a mouse clearly focused on right-handers due to its button layout, but in terms of structure and saving said side buttons, it is symmetrical and is not oriented in a drop to the right as is usual.

As for its sensor, we talk about the TrueMove Air patented brand with 18,000 CPI, integrates Golden Micro switches with IP54 and weighs only 85 grams. Of course, it has configurable RGB lighting from the brand’s software. We can get this wonder mouse for just 49.99 euros after falling 29%.

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