Death of a 7-year-old girl who was discharged from the hospital because she only had migraine shocks

A scottish family is in mourning behind the death of her 7-year-old daughter. According to the testimony, the little Theia Rose McKie began to feel bad last Monday, November 15, so his parents they took her to the doctor, there she was hospitalized until Tuesday, when she was discharged. Unfortunately, the girl passed away a day later.

Theia’s parents reported that one day after entering the Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary hospital, the doctors told them that the girl only had a migraine and was discharged. His mom posted on Facebook that day that they had been given medications to treat the girl’s condition, but apparently she was not entirely convinced, as she did not notice any improvement.

However, by Wednesday the 17th, the little che began to vomit and cry in pain, while telling his parents that I saw a lot of lights After, Theia McKie lost consciousness and died at home, recounts a request from the family on GoFundMe to raise funds for the funeral of the girl, just 7 years old.

The Mirror reports that they asked the hospital for information about the death of the little girl, but due to confidentiality policies with patients, they did not give data.

His mom is devastated

Tracey McKie, Theia’s mother, has published in his social networks messages dedicated to your deceased daughter. One of them reads “We just don’t have words. Our kind, funny and smart princess was taken away too soon“.

According to local Scottish media, Theia’s causes of death are not yet known, so the family will have to wait for the autopsy results. Tracey said that she does not want to blame anyone yet for the death of the girl, but that she does clarify why, if she was only diagnosed with a migraine, the little girl died unexpectedly a day after leaving the hospital.

The Scottish Sun pointed out that Tracey related that her daughter loved life, but that seven years were not enough to be together. She said to herself devastated, but at the same time grateful for the condolences and displays of affection, as each comment reminds her of how special Theia was to the people around her.


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