Death on the Nile and other premieres coming to Disney + in April 2022

Just as Movistar Plus+ did a few days ago, Disney has just announced all the movies, series and documentaries that are coming next month, with some highly anticipated movies like Death on the Nile, as well as other content that you shouldn’t miss. We already anticipate that the 57 movies, series and documentaries that arrive in the form of premieres on Disney + in April 2022 will delight you.

As you can see, the entertainment giant has loaded its catalog of movies, series and other content with new content so that you don’t run out of options if you don’t know what to watch. Without further ado, we leave you with the main Disney + releases in April 2022.

Disney + premieres in April 2022: movies that arrive on the platform

Without a doubt, the most anticipated premiere has to do with Hercule Poirot, the well-known Belgian detective who returns to action by planning a vacation in Egypt on a steamboat. The problem is that this trip becomes a new job for the well-known detective, since he must discover the murderer on the ship. A new adaptation of the successful novel by Agatha Cristie and that you should not miss.

All the movies coming to Disney+ in April 2022

  • Nate’s dream: April 1
  • ‘Quills’: April 1
  • ‘A perfect plan’: April 1
  • Death on the Nile: April 6
  • ‘Sex Appeal’: April 8
  • ‘The call of the wild’: April 8
  • ‘Brubaker’: April 8
  • ‘Phenomenon’: April 8
  • ‘Ice Age: The Misadventures of Scrat’: April 13
  • ‘Noah’: April 15
  • ‘Eternally friends’: April 15
  • ‘Maximum anxiety’: April 15
  • ‘The Dropout: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes’: April 20
  • ‘Le Mans 66’: April 22
  • ‘The devil’s advocate’: April 22
  • ‘A madman is loose in Hollywood’: April 22
  • ‘Sketchbook: how to start drawing’: April 27
  • ‘Crush’: April 29
  • ‘Anywhere else’: April 29
  • ‘The hate you give’: April 29

Disney + premieres in April 2022: series that arrive on the platform

Moving on to the premiere series coming to Disney+, we recommend this miniseries about the rise and fall of Elizabeth Jones and Theranos, a story about the youngest billionaire in the world who lost everything in record time.

All premiere series and documentaries on Disney + for April 2022

  • ‘What a fabric, Sam’: April 6
  • ‘Alternative Therapy’: April 6
  • ‘Cloak and dagger’ S1-2: April 6
  • ‘Me and the world’, S1-2 and 6: April 6
  • ‘Bluey’ S1-2: April 6
  • ‘The ignorant angels’: April 13
  • ‘New York Police’: April 13
  • ‘Blessed patience’: April 13
  • ‘Fancy Nancy’ S1-2: April 13
  • ‘The Kardashians’: April 14
  • ‘Perfect Harmony’: April 20
  • ‘The last man on earth’: April 20
  • ‘Gigantosaurus’ S1: April 20
  • ‘Ducktales’ S2: April 20
  • ‘Ridley Road’: April 27
  • ‘Kuzco: An emperor at school’ T1-2: April 27
  • ‘The Big Leap: The Great Leap’: April 27
  • ‘Grand Hoyel’: April 27
  • ‘Arena promises’: April 27
  • ‘The wonderful spring of Mickey House’: April 29
  • documentaries
  • ‘The reason I jump’: April 1
  • ‘Africa’s Deadliest Predators’ S5-6: April 6
  • ‘Celebrities in danger with Bear Grylls’ Season 6: April 6
  • ‘Being the Queen’: April 8
  • ‘Remote Survival’ S1: April 13
  • ‘Illegal trafficking with Mariana Van Seller’ T1: April 13
  • ‘Hacking the System’ S1: April 20
  • ‘Cadernos da Filipa’: April 20
  • ‘O da Joana’: April 20
  • ‘Captivating the audience’: April 21
  • ‘Polar Bear’: April 22
  • ‘Explorer: Alex Honnold in the Amazon’: April 22
  • ‘My big little farm: the return’: April 22
  • ‘Polar Bear: how it was done’: April 22
  • ‘Drain the oceans’ Season 3: April 27
  • ‘Earthquake in Nepal’: April 29

As you may have seen, this month the premieres coming to Disney+ They are very varied so that you do not lack options when it comes to enjoying high-quality series, movies and documentaries. And seeing some of the pearls available in its catalog, you are going to have a great time.

Finally, we invite you to go through our compilation where you will find the best Disney + tricks to get the most out of the platform.

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