Deathloop and much more for September

In the month of September everything is good news, except the need to return to the gym and start the diet to burn off all that we have eaten during the summer. But removing that, for the rest the sun shines, as in the case of Xbox Game Pass, where it seems that it is the moment in which Microsoft gives everything by offering in its service those names that are worth playing a few games for. Y deathloop has been chosen this time.

Deathloop and a few more games

The point is that deathloop has been long in coming (as happened with GTA V) But finally, we have among us one of those names that stung among the legion of Xbox users every time someone pronounced it, and that they have seen over the last year how this wonder of Arkane Studios did not show up in the Microsoft ecosystem, despite belonging to the Bethesda conglomerate, since only PlayStation players could enjoy it.

Also, it was almost a year ago deathloop came to PC and PlayStationon September 14, 2021, receiving extraordinary criticism for a truly original development that led us to star in a curious loop space-time in which two characters, Colt and Julianne, were constantly looking for each other to face life or death. At that time, the criticism was fierce towards those from Redmond for letting that exclusive escape when Bethesda is part of the Xbox family … but contracts are contracts.

Its development was a sign of originality, of trying again and again to visit scenarios at different time slots of the day with the sole objective of locating some henchmen who, once dead, would take us to the very exit of that demon-possessed loop. So once that temporary exclusive on PlayStation is over, now it’s making the jump to Xbox, but directly to Game Pass on PC, Xbox Series X | S and the cloud. Oh, and you already have it available.

Games beyond the loop

Arrives deathloop it’s fine though so do a number of other interesting titles that come to adorn the Microsoft subscription catalog. You have the complete list just below but we want to warn you that there are a couple of cases in which these are previous versions, still in development (Slime Rancher 2 Y Valheim), or final releases after a time in which the beta has been kept in early access (grounded). Keep this in mind, do not think that games that you have already seen appear among the Game Pass menus in recent months.

Games coming to Xbox Game Pass in September 2022:

  • Hardspace Shipbreaker (cloud and Xbox Series X|S): available now
  • Spider Heck (console and PC): September 22
  • beacon-pines (cloud, console and PC): September 22
  • Slime Rancher 2 (cloud, PC and Xbox Series X|S): September 22
  • moonscars (cloud, console and PC): September 27
  • grounded (cloud, console and PC): September 27
  • Let’s Build A Zoo (cloud, console and PC): September 29
  • Valheim (PC): September 29
  • PAW Patrol Grand Prix (cloud, console and PC): September 30

What do you think that finally deathloop has appeared on Xbox Game Pass?

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