declare your self-test online, it’s possible

The process is still largely unknown to the general public, but it has some advantages.

In addition to PCR and antigen tests, there is now a third alternative to find out if a person is positive for Covid-19: self-tests. Less invasive and faster, these are directly accessible in pharmacies, and make it possible to diagnose covid-19 contamination without having to go through the pharmacy box.

What is less known is that these self-tests can also be recorded online. On Twitter, Guillaume Rozier, the creator of the platform, CovidTracker and Vite Ma Dose posted a message highlighting the possibility of entering the result of his test on the platform. An unknown platform, since only 2.8% of those questioned were aware of its existence.

What is

To save your result on the platform, just go to the site, and create an account with an email address and a password. It then remains to fill in the personal information requested, then to accept that the latter be used anonymously for statistical purposes. A receipt is then sent by email.

If the approach is so little known, it is because concretely, recording a self-test is not helpful. Unlike a PCR or antigen test, the latter has no official value. In addition, no identity verification is done at the time of registration, just enter a valid email address. The main objective of the operation is to identify (very approximately) the number of self-diagnosed cases. Being very little known, one can however doubt its real usefulness.

On Twitter, Guillaume Rozier did not hesitate to directly address the Minister of Health Olivier Véran on this subject, while proposing solutions to popularize the device : “As I feared, hardly anyone knows about this platform. Why not provide an explanatory sheet with a QR Code when purchasing a self-test? (…) Let’s be crazy, why not reimburse part of the self-test if the result is uploaded to the platform?”. A maneuver that would have the double advantage of relieving already saturated pharmacies, but also of costing much less.

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