Decorate Firefox with these spectacular themes for your browser

This software customization that we are talking about can be extended from Windows 10 itself, through most of the applications that we install. As you can imagine, all of this allows us to adapt the programs we use daily to our needs, both functional and appearance. To all this we must add ok certain software solutions with which we spend a good amount of hours working daily.

Nowadays, what happens with the internet browsers, we already talked about Chrome, Firefox, Edge or any other. These are applications that we use today both for our leisure moments and for work. Hence, the browser is one of those programs that we open as soon as we start the system and leave it in the background throughout the session.

Largely due to its widespread use of current web browsers, its developers allow us to customize multiple sections of them. So we can adapt its operation to our needs or aesthetic tastes. This is the case, for example, of the alternative of Mozilla, we mean Firefox.

How to open the official Firefox store

To give us an idea, in these same lines we are going to focus on an element that plays a very important role in the aspect of the browser interface. Specifically, we refer to the themes that we can add and install to make it different from the rest. It is true that on the internet we can find a good amount of elements of this type, but Mozilla itself also offers us many of these alternatives in its official store.

When we talk about the official Firefox store, we are actually referring to a website where we have at our disposal a good amount of content, all official. Say in this store we can find elements such as extensions, themes, dictionaries and other very useful add-ons for the browser. We tell you all this because here we are going to focus on the topics as we discussed earlier to customize the Interface.

Thus, the first thing we should know is that to access the store what we tell you and what Mozilla for Firefox proposes, we just have to click on this link. Here we will see the contents that we are talking about and that we can use in the program.

firefox store

Install new themes in Firefox

We have just shown you how to access and see the themes that Mozilla itself offers us to decorate Firefox and change its appearance. But of course, once we have located what really interests us, the next step will be to be able to install that theme in our own web browser. This is precisely what we will talk about next, although first of all we will tell you that it is a fairly simple and automatic process. The first thing, how could it be otherwise, is to locate the content as such from among the many that the official store offers us.

Once we have found it we click on it. Say that in the new window that appears on the screen we will see a brief description of it, as well as the ratings that other users have given in the past. This is something quite important and that we should take into account since this way we get an idea of ​​the quality of the subject as such. Well, once we have seen this, we only have to click on the Install theme button which we find in the central part of the screen. Then the theme will be installed and will become active in our favorite browser.

install themes

Remove current theme from Mozilla browser

In the event that you have moved a bit through the official Mozilla store for Firefox, you will immediately have realized that the amount of content here is many. This in most cases can turn into a great News the day that we can modify the themes whenever we want and install a different new one. For others, this may be a problem, as it will be more difficult for them to decide what content they want to see at all times in the program.

With everything and with it once we have decided and we have installed the new theme as we explained in the previous step, it only remains to enjoy it. But of course, as it happens with the funds that for example we install in Windows 10, there will probably come a time when we end up getting bored and want to install a different one. At this point we will tell you that Firefox makes things much easier for us in this regard. Therefore, when uninstalling the current theme that we have added to the program again, we go to the official store.

remove firefox theme

Here we will have to locate the content so that we refer to them that we installed at the time. As soon as we open it, we already find a button that reads Delete, so obviously we will have to click on it to delete it and select any other.

It is worth mentioning that if we want to speed up this process a bit, we just have to look for the new theme that we want to install. Once we have located it, click on the install button and it will automatically delete the old one and add the new one.

The best themes to decorate the Mozilla browser

We already told you before that in these lines we are going to focus on the so-called themes. In fact in the aforementioned store we are going to find a good amount of content of this type, although below we will show you some of the most striking and used. In fact, it is the users themselves, in addition to Mozilla, who are in charge of designing and sharing this content to decorate the program.

Something we should know is that the store itself offers us a series of categories to locate topics more easily. In this way we will have the possibility to search for content that really interests us in a more direct way, all depending on the theme with which we would like to decorate the room. Program.

ANIMATED – Snoopy Nap

If you are a lover of the mythical drawings of SnoopyYou will surely love this theme dedicated to the curious character. In this way you can have some of the most characteristic elements of this series, all day on your screen while you browse with Firefox. In order to download this specific theme, you can do it from this link.

ANIMATED - Snoopy Nap

Totoro 12

If we continue with the anime and the drawings, here we find another adorable theme this time focused on the Totoro character. It is more than likely that lovers of this character want to install and enjoy this theme that the store presents to us. Mozilla. For this we only have to go to this link and download it.

Totoro 12

Matrix 1 animated

When we talk about cinema, either through decorative elements for Windows 10 or for any other program, here you can not miss the Matrix. In this way we will have the possibility of, thanks to this theme, decorating our browser with the mythical source code of the film, all from here.

Matrix 1 animated

Star Wars – Death Star

Something similar happens with Star Wars, a series of films of which a multitude of backgrounds and themes have been created to decorate our software. And Firefox was not going to be less, so the followers of the saga will have the opportunity to enjoy this theme focused on the Death Star from this link.

Star Wars - Death Star

Pulp Fiction Theme

In this same sense, we did not want to leave behind a song dedicated to Tarantino’s great success, Pulp Fiction. Therefore, if you are one of those who still remember that film title with a smile, you can install the theme from this link and enjoy the theme of the film at all times.

Pulp Fiction Theme

Real Madrid Blue

Changing the theme a bit, if you are a follower of the Real Madrid, it is more than likely that this topic is very interesting to you. That way you will have the possibility to enjoy the shield of your favorite team on the screen at all times while using your browser to move around the Internet. In case you are interested, you will only have to download this graphic content from this link.

Real Madrid Blue

FC Barcelona v2

The same happens if you are a fan of FC Barcelona, ​​since Mozilla also gives you the possibility to decorate the browser with the crest of your favorite team. Actually what we achieve with all this is to give it a more personalized look to our web browsing program. Therefore we only have to access this link and download the corresponding theme to install it in the program.

FC Barcelona v2

Scuderia Ferrari F1

At the same time there are many lovers of cars, racing, and Formula 1, who would like to give a more personalized look to their browsing program. Therefore, in these same lines, we are going to offer you a song specially dedicated to the followers of one of the best-known and most followed teams in the world, Ferrari. In this way you will only have to download the theme that the official Mozilla store proposes to install it in Firefox, all from this same link.

Scuderia Ferrari F1

We already told you before that the Mozilla store offers us a large number of elements of this type, so then we leave you a small list with some themes for Firefox that you will surely love to try:

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