Decorate Windows with these impressive 3D wallpapers

As a general rule, this is a section that is already covered by the funds that the software giant offers us by default when installing the system. However, most users are not convinced by these photos that decorate the desktop. Hence, they prefer to use their own personalized images to have them in view at all times.

Surely many of you have a photo of your pet, family, friends or partner as your Windows desktop background. We also tend to use images that evoke pleasant memories or are simply funny. The important thing here is that we establish a background that is pleasant to us and that also has a good quality. But at the same time, sometimes we can go a step further and give an even more original or spectacular touch to this element of the Microsoft operating system.

Precisely for this reason, we are going to show you a series of 3D images that you can set as wallpaper to give it a really spectacular look. In addition, they have enough quality to adapt to most current screens and achieve a more than striking effect. Therefore, next, we are going to see a series of three-dimensional images to decorate the Windows desktop when you download them.

Download these funds to give an original touch to Windows

Without a doubt, if you are lovers of conceptual and abstract art, this is a clear three-dimensional example that you will love as part of your Windows. It is a desk with shades gold and black very attractive and original.

abstract art

We are a few weeks away from Valentine’s Day, dates marked for many and who may want to use this desktop background. It is a three-dimensional image centered on the hearts and the propitious tones for those days.

3d hearts

Again we return to abstract art so that it is part of your Microsoft system desktop. This is another attractive and original option that you can download and install on your computer.

spiral 3d

On the other hand, in the event that you prefer darker themes for the operating system interfaceThis is a very interesting option. It is a three-dimensional wallpaper made up of different geometric figures in gray and black tones.

dark background

There is no doubt that, if you are looking for originality, this is one of the most interesting options that you are going to find to decorate your Windows desktop background. Furthermore, it is a 3D image that most of you will love and that you just have to download to make it part of the system.

wine background

Here you will find another clear sample of the most striking and original aspect that a 3D background can give to the interface of your Windows. Just take a look at this image to convince us of it.

3d ring

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