Deductions for income vary between communities: Castilla-La Mancha at the top, Catalonia at the bottom

The uncertainty generated in recent years due to the pandemic and, more recently, the increase in energy prices, has fully affected the Spanish population in their plans for the future. In fact, according to INE data, between 2015 and 2020, the number of births in our country has fallen by about 20%while the first expenses per newborn already exceed 1,600 euros, according to a study carried out by idealo.

However, when it comes to submitting personal income tax, families have various deductions to which they can go to be able to alleviate the investment involved in adding a new member to their household. In this sense, there is a large gap between autonomous communities. This is demonstrated by the latest analysis carried out by TaxDown’s tax experts, which reveals that a Castilian from León can save 2,000% more than a Catalan in terms of family conciliation, when submitting the income tax return.

This phenomenon occurs because, at the regional level, from Barcelona only one deduction is offered to families for the birth or adoption of a child, the maximum amount of which cannot exceed 300 euros. In contrast, the Castilian-Leonese community makes available to its taxpayers a total of five possible deductions to which they can resort.

In fact, it has a box similar to the Catalan one, but whose amount can reach up to 2,351 euros if it is the third or successive child, as confirmed by TaxDown. In addition, there are other deductions such as adoption expenses, which can lead to relief for families of up to 3,625 euros if it is an international process. It also has the possibility of saving other costs such as those related to child care.

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Castilla-La Mancha, Asturias and the Valencian Community offer more options

Thus, Castile and Leon it is the territory in which households can save more money. In fact, in the case of a large family, which has made an international adoption in 2021, there is the possibility of deducting about 6,000 euros from personal income tax, according to TaxDown experts. However, it is not the area that offers a greater variety of deductions, but rather Castilla La Mancha, Asturias and Valencian Community offer more possibilities. In the case of the community of La Mancha, up to nine different deductions are offered to which taxpayers can resort, from being a single-parent family nucleus, to the rent of large families.

On the other side of the coin, there is the aforementioned Catalonia, but also the Balearic Islands or Andalusia, since together they only offer eight deductions (one Barcelona, ​​three Mallorca and four Seville), the same as Asturias or the Valencian Community. In the case of the archipelago, families can deduct the expenses for the acquisition of textbooks, whose limit per child cannot exceed 200 euros in joint declarations, or the costs related to descendants or foster children under six years of age for reasons of conciliation. For its part, the Andalusian territory focuses on the birth of children or adoptions and in the case of single-parent or numerous family nuclei. Thanks to these boxes, taxpayers can save up to 1,100 euros.

“When filing the return, taxpayers only think about state deductions, maternity and large family deductions, however, the vast majority of autonomous communities offer relief to new parents that can be an oxygen balloon for your accounts”affirms Enrique Moreno, CEO and co-founder of TaxDown, adding that “For all of them, there is TaxDown which, thanks to tax experts and its algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence, allows all taxpayers to apply all possible deductions, helping them save more than 400 euros on average on each return”.

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