Deel lands in Spain offering his HR tool for free

Last year, the startup Deel landed in Spain for the payroll management and recruitment for international teams. Since landing, the organization has evolved to become a global human resources company, which is reflected from today in the launch of Deel HR. It is an all-in-one HR platform for global teams that enables organizations to consolidate and bring together up to 16 tools to manage a global workforce, from culture and onboarding to local payroll and compliance.

“Work has gone global, but until now no HR platform has managed everything for everyone, anywhere. Most teams use multiple tools for managing international teams, which creates data silos, technology consolidation issues, and incongruent team experiences. With this release we’ve streamlined everything you need into a single platform to scale no matter your team size or stage of growth.”, explains Alex Bouaziz, co-founder and CEO of Deel.

This launch comes as the company has reached a $12 billion valuation and has reported $295 million in annual recurring revenue through 2022, up from $57 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR) last year. one year, which represents an increase of 417.5%. Data that has made Deel the industry leader in global recruitment and payroll, helping more than 15,000 companies such as Nike, Subway, Reebok and Klarna to hire and manage the payroll of workers anywhere in the world. Now, the company goes a step further and seeks to become a benchmark for comprehensive human resource management.

Deel HR, the global and free HRIS platform

Deel HR is the only global HR platform that has everything you need to effectively manage the entire workforce of an organization, from direct employees to international workers and everything in between. In just 5 minutes, team members can be onboarded from anywhere with this platform, then managed through the free global HRIS for any company with less than 200 employees. “the market of HR is highly commodified and we believe that essential HR functions should be free, which is why we offer our platform at no cost. This means that Deel customers can save at least $20,000 on technology while we take care of the most important things”says Alex Bouaziz.

Deel HR comes with new and improved features to manage human resources around the world, including:

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  • HR reports: track changes, global costs and turnover.
  • Free time and expenses: facilitate tracking, approval and analysis.
  • Documents: Request, add, and store documents with enterprise-level security.
  • Organizational charts: review the team from anywhere in the world in a snapshot.
  • Workflows: Activate custom workflows to automate any process.
  • Directory of people: provide a single source of information to manage the team.
  • Access to applications: incorporate new employees with Google Suite.
  • Custom Permissions: Set permissions by manager, role, and more.
  • Add-ons: manage teams, background checks, access to WeWork.

In addition to being free, it is important to focus on it is a global platform. Unlike national HR platforms, Deel is specially designed for international teams. Automatically adapting everything based on country and worker specific local laws, from contracts and employee onboarding details to vacations, layoffs, benefits and much more. This means you can comply anywhere, reduce time onboarding new hires, and automate any workflow to fit any business.

Definitely, “companies that rely on Deel HR will be able to save across their technology stack with a single HR platform, reduce on-boarding time anywhere to just 5 minutes, eliminate errors and duplicate work with a single process for everyone, and gain a holistic view of employer costs, headcount and staff turnover”concludes the co-founder and CEO of Deel.

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