Deelivers focuses on developing the courier segment in the coming months

Deelivers is a company from Vigo that offers last-mile delivery and courier services to many companies in more than 40 cities throughout Spain and main cities in Portugal. Since last year they have taken the public conversation by becoming the perfect ally for delivery platforms to fulfill the call “Rider Law”, by benefiting from its labor contracting model of the so-called riders.

Mainly known for working its b2b solution in the food delivery segment, in which Just Eat and UberEats continue to be its main clients, «The company’s focus during the second half of 2022 will be focused mainly on developing the Courier part, in which clients such as Inditex or Glovo are the main assets. We want this segment to reach 20% of the company’s operations this year» as Adrián Pena, CEO of Deelivers, comments. In this new segment they already serve AliExpress through a logistics partnerand Pena states that, «it is gaining strength together with the support for other larger couriers».

Another of the objectives for the second half of the year is to consolidate positions in the 40 locations in Spain, and in Lisbon and Porto (Portugal) where they operate. “In the coming months we want to consolidate operations and our presence in the cities and locations where we are already present, and in the event that a client requires a new location, we will study it”Adrian declares. He also adds that Deelivers estimates to reach 20M euros in its turnover this 2022.

The challenge of reverse logistics

The reverse logistics is beginning to be seriously studied by the clients of the companies that Deelivers serve: «They ask us for collections in slots that adapt to the hours in which customers are at home. Currently, for the absences of the recipients, we implement communication systems that help them locate their shipments, including the possibility of delivering or collecting returns by time slots.

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Increasingly, customers demand a technologically integrated service that meets the requirements of their own sustainability policies: «Due to our technological nature, we help our clients with the implementation and advice of technological solutions. We have had cases of clients who have wanted to internally adapt our technology to govern their logistics processes.”

Common collection points are being implemented in cities as buyers are increasingly committed to the sustainability of the entire transaction and realize that collecting multiple packages in one location makes logistics much easier. «We are making a very strong commitment to developing logistics hubs in our reference locations to support customers, both in storage and in the handling and picking of merchandise. In 2021 we will use 5 logistics hubs and our forecast is to reach 21 in 2022″comments Adrian Pena.

In addition, regarding its sustainable policy, Adrián affirms that Deelivers is capable of adapting operations to the vehicles that best meet these requirements. «We have set out to increase the number of green delivery vehicles from 250 to 400 this year.”

The Rotation of distributors is one of the great problems of the sector. «We constantly listen to their demands in order to quickly implement policies that benefit them and increase their well-being. We are committed to creating the most appropriate environment for communication with them and providing them with the necessary tools so that their performance develops in the most optimal way».

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