Define the perfect device for your workers

We cannot compare the needs of a general manager who needs to be connected at all times to carry out procedures to those of a cybersecurity expert who prioritizes the protection of her data and needs total control.

Each professional looks for different qualities in a smartphone or tablet that fit their way of using technology. Some demands that Samsung believes should be reflected in the device and therefore works every day to offer the perfect device for each professional.

In this campaign we see how various professionals explain their work needs to us in a relaxed way. We find ourselves from those who are looking for a device with which they can take notes in their meetings or make videoconferences to those who need to handle presentations or reports with ease.

All workers highlight the need to have in their hands a state-of-the-art device that allows them to combine their day-to-day with their professional obligations. A smartphone or Tablet that performs at maximum power, with great autonomy to keep up with its rhythm and storage capacity. Some requirements that meet the range for Samsung professionals, but that has different options to adapt to each one.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with a large processor, SPen to take notes and a PC in your pocket with Samsung DeX was the option for the directive who wanted to work as if it were their computer with ease.

In the case of the cybersecurity professional, we opted for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5G with double screen full of possibilities and multitasking possibility. A device that fit perfectly with the maximum security and versatility that the expert was looking for.

For the director specialized in electronic commerce, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G for its flexibility, groundbreaking design and ease of videoconferencing with the 5G that the professional used so much.

For its part, for the benchmark in the world of startups, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 +. Its large storage capacity, large screen and compatibility with SPen were the definitive characteristics that fit this profile.

In short, we find a family of smartphones or tablets that match the way of understanding business, the personality and the way of living the technology of each person, also counting on all the security that Samsung Knox provides. And, for each type of person, there is a type of Samsung device. Do you know the perfect one for your workers?

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