Dell Technologies expands its portfolio of multicloud services

Dell Technologies has decided to expand its portfolio of multicloud products and services with several additions that focus on providing enterprises with data management tools and applications to connect storage and data protection to the services and public clouds of their choice. To this end, Dell has announced APEX Multi-Cloud Data Service, APEX Backup Service and Project Alpine.

The first of them, part along with the second of its move to the model as a service, is designed to offer storage and data protection as a service, with simultaneous access to the main public clouds from a single data source. It will be fully managed and feature high speed, low latency cloud connectivity and the ability to access the public cloud without moving data. In addition, this multi-cloud service is designed to avoid any provider lock-in, as well as high data output rates, regardless of the cloud you work with.

This service will allow its users to access cloud computing services from providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud. Of course, for now it will only be available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Australia.

APEX Backup Service it is designed to protect software-as-a-service applications by delivering edge and hybrid workloads in a public cloud. All with the goal of simplifying data security by offering enhanced data protection. To do this, the service uses centralized monitoring and management of software applications as a service. This solution will be available globally, can be deployed in minutes, and can be expanded to protect workloads as they grow. It also offers resilient security features to help protect against cyber attacks with instant detection, rapid response and recovery.

Project Alpine, which is closely related to the backup service just mentioned, relies on data protection to bring Dell’s file storage and lock software to public clouds, as well as offering its users flexibility in data management both on premises and in public cloud environments. Alpine will support the ability to purchase managed storage-as-a-service software with existing cloud credits, and will allow its users to take shared data across multiple clouds.

In addition, the project hopes to improve the public cloud storage experience by centralizing cross-cloud experience management, as well as simplifying cloud lifecycle management.

Additionally, and as part of this service upgrade, Dell Technologies will expand your developer portal, with the intention that it become the central point for DevOps and development teams that want to offer infrastructure as code. The portal will offer for this continued access to the latest APIs, SDKs, modules and plugins from Dell. The company has also announced expanded support for Kubernetes-based services Amazon EKS Anywhere and SUSE Rancher.

The Amazon EKS service will be available on Dell EMCs PowerFlex and PowerStore, giving enterprises the ability to run Kubernetes in both public and on-premises clouds. SUSE Rancher will be available on Dell EMC VxRail, providing Kubernetes multicluster and multicloud management, leading to choice of cloud orchestration platform.

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