Dell Unveils New Gaming Laptop, G16

The Dell G16 is the new gaming laptop that the American firm has presented together with the renewed Alienware that we presented to you yesterday. If we attend to your promotion, “it is designed for PC gamers who need essential features and want mobility and performance without sacrificing screen size”.

The Dell G16 joins the trend of using the size of 16 inch screen on laptops. A format that allows us to get close to the large 17-inch laptops in terms of display capacity, but with a real footprint close to that of 15-inch laptops. For this, the reduction of bevels is mandatory and in this model it reaches three of its sides.

Dell uses a perfect resolution for that screen size, QHD+ for 2560 x 1600 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:10 which we like better than the more usual 16:9. Its refresh rate, important for the execution of video games, is also quite correct and rises to 165Hz.

In terms of internal hardware, the Dell G16 is equipped with a processor Intel Core i7-12700H 14-core Alder Lake series and NVIDIA dedicated graphics in several models to choose from up to an RTX 3070 Ti. If you’re not gaming and don’t need as much performance, the laptop features the Advanced Optimus feature that allows the G16 to switch between the integrated GPU and discrete RTX as needed, helping to improve battery life.

To keep temperatures under control, it is equipped with Thermal elements inspired by those used by their older Alienware brothers, such as copper tubes, four ventilation holes and ultra-thin fan blades to optimize cooling and maximize airflow. It features a dedicated hard key that instantly increases the performance of the cooling system.

It also has other features inspired by its gaming flagships, such as the Alienware Command Center which provides easy access to game settings, peripheral lighting settings, Dolby Audio and the game library. Finally, mention the new keyboard options included as CherryMX, the option for a zone, RGB per key or ultra-low profile mechanical keyboard.

The Dell G16 will be available in select regions starting July 21 for a starting price of $1,399. It will offer configurations with 8, 16 and 32 Gbytes of RAM and up to 2 Tbytes of storage capacity using SSD. You should then arrive at the Dell Spain website.

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