DELSOL software incorporates banking aggregation services, by the hand of Afterbanks and Arcopay

A few days ago, the companies Afterbanks and Arcopay announced their alliance with Software DELSOL to offer the bank aggregation service to the clients of the accounting and billing program. This agreement demonstrates the latent need for solutions Open Banking, adaptable to the different casuistry that companies present today.

The objective of this alliance is none other than automate a routine and time-consuming task within companies, such as accounting reconciliation. The time and cost savings obtained by using the bank aggregation API offered by Afterbanks and Arcopay (a Minsait Payments company) is a key factor in offering value-added solutions to customers of DELSOL software.

We are very excited to receive such an important client in the market for digital solutions for companies such as Software DELSOL. We appreciate the trust you have placed in our Open Banking solutions. For Afterbanks and Arcopay, the beginning of this relationship represents the commitment to continue demonstrating our leadership in the market of Open Banking solutions for companies “, says Leonardo González, commercial director of Afterbanks and Arcopay.

The automation, traceability of bank movements, the instantaneity and security of the process do not do more than reinforce digital models for the management of collections and payments, accounting and bank reconciliation so demanded today by different market segments. DELSOL Software has opted to add the bank aggregation service to automate this type of routine tasks to all its clients, taking a further step when it comes to betting on financial technologies that do nothing other than strengthen their business model and structure.

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For Software DELSOL the satisfaction of our customers is paramount. We work tirelessly to make life easier for them, automating those routine tasks so that they only have to worry about what is important. To help us in this task, we decided to incorporate a new Open Banking service into our programs by the hand of Afterbanks and Arcopay. This commercial relationship represents another step in the automation of processes for our clients and a substantial increase in the quality of our products “, declares Pilar Meseguer, Executive Director of Software DELSOL.

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