Delve into the digital home for only 34.98 euros with these two offers

Surely you have been hearing about it for years. the multiple virtues of the digital, connected or home automation home, as this facet of technology was initially known, consisting of giving the surname (or prefix) smart to many of our day-to-day devices, interconnecting them with each other and allowing their remote control, programming, assignment of responses to events, and so on. A proposal that puts, at our fingertips, an innumerable list of more than interesting possibilities to make day-to-day life more comfortable and simple.

Nevertheless, there is still a widespread belief that deploying the infrastructure for a digital home is very complex. Personally, I still remember, at the beginning of the first decade of this century, carrying out some tests with a home automation kit that, among other things, required a server to be running 24/7 that, at the same time, was responsible for the interconnection and management of devices, and provided a web interface for management. It wasn’t even remotely the most complicated challenge I’ve faced in my life, but it did have a certain complexity, in addition to requirements, that set it apart from ordinary mortals.

Today it is not so deploying a digital home is as simple as putting in light bulbs, plug adapters and similar operations. The offer of smart devices is increasingly wide and, thanks to the ecosystem management systems, their handling is easier every day, and their list of possibilities increases. With a single voice command you can change the lighting scheme of the whole house, remotely turn on the electric blanket to find your bed warm when you go to sleep, monitor what happens in your house when you are not… what I said before, the list it is endless.

Another common belief is that a digital home is synonymous with being expensive, with having to invest hundreds or even thousands of euros. But, if you are one of those who think this way, I have very good news for you, since this has long ceased to be the case. In fact, with the offer that we have found for you on Amazon, the two connected home kits will allow you to take the first steps, in this regard, for only 34.98 euros. I’ll explain what they consist of.

First of all we have a kit made up of two third-gen Echo Dot speakers and a Philips Hue White bulb with E27 socket. As you may already know, the entire range of Echo speakers incorporate Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant that, as you may have already imagined, will allow you to control the digital home elements that you have installed in your home through voice commands. But not only that, it also provides you with access to all kinds of information, to Amazon services and of course, as it could not be less in a speaker, also to the main streaming music services.

The Philips Hue White bulb, on the other hand, allows adjust both the brightness level and the temperature of the same. In this way we can alternate, with a simple voice command or through its app, between cold and brighter tones during the day, when we want to stay active, and dimmer and warmer light schemes, if we want to enjoy a more intimate atmosphere and relaxing. The difference, and I tell you from my own experience, is spectacular. As a general rule, the price of this kit is 50.84 euros but, with the offer we have found, it can be yours with a substantial 31% discountthat is, for only €34.98.

Delve into the digital home for only 34.98 euros with these two offers

The second kit consists of two third-gen Echo Dot speakers and a smart plug adapter from Meross, a very relevant brand when it comes to digital home and that I can also prove, from my own experience, that it has highly recommended devices. The smart plug adapter will allow you to remotely control the power supply to whatever is plugged into it. Do you remember the example of the electric blanket that I started at the beginning? Well, it’s just one of many use cases.

The normal price of this kit is 54.97 euros but, temporarily, you can get hold of it with a 36% discountwhich leaves its price at just €34.98.

So, whether it’s for you, or to get ahead of your Christmas shopping, these two digital home kits are a really interesting offer, one of those worth taking advantage of.

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