Demand for cloud services increases 65% since the outbreak of the pandemic

Digitization has taken hold and has reached almost every corner, especially since the outbreak of the pandemic. In the last year the demand for cloud services has increased by 65%, according to data from the Verne Group.

The company thus takes stock of the first anniversary of the launch of the Verne Tech division, the organization’s commitment to the development of services in emerging technologies, in which they also point to a growth in demand in cybersecurity, data analysis and collaborative tools due to teleworking.

Organizations’ commitment to the cloud has become one of the key trends of 2021. “Improving process efficiency, cybersecurity and compliance with current regulations are some of the advantages that allow business to be accelerated and kept competitive”Says Antonio Soto, director of Verne Tech.

The democratization of teleworking has favored an increase in collaborative services and a greater awareness of business management. “Teleworking has led to personal workstations and collaborative tools becoming more and more in demand and, consequently, also a greater offer with the launch of new products.“Says Antonio Soto, director of Verne Tech.”There is also a trend in business management solutions, there is a growing increase in the demand for SaaS solutions, that is, it has started from on-premise solutions to derive cloud tools”.

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Commitment to the universalization of digitization

The Verne TECH division started a year ago with the aim of providing digital transformation solutions through a 360º technological experience for companies. “The first anniversary of the Verne TECH division is very satisfying. Thanks to the impetus and effort of the team, made up of more than 250 professionals, we are on track to exceed the turnover for the first year of 20 million euros, so the reception has been exceptional”, Explains Gianni Cecchin, CEO of Verne Group.

The universalization of digitization is one of the levers to get out of the crisis, which has a transversal impact on any size of organization and sector. If the SME does not evolve, the country does not develop. Companies that bet on the integration of technological processes differentiate themselves from competitors and improve efficiency ”.

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