“Democracy does not happen by accident”: Joe Biden

The president of EU, Joe bidenHe assured yesterday that “democracy does not happen by accident”, so “each generation” has to renew it, by warning about the growing threat of authoritarian governments.

This was indicated by the president in the inaugural speech from the White House Democracy Summit, a virtual event that brings together more than 100 countries, with the notable absences of China and Russia.

Biden, accompanied by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, stressed that “sustained and alarming challenges and human rights around the world” by authoritarian governments “make democracy need defenders.”

It is one of the pillars of Biden’s foreign policy, which has tried to make a difference with the “America First” vision of the Donald Trump administration.

In calling for action, he referred to his own efforts to promote voting defense laws in his country, and the challenges facing institutions.

For her part, Uzra Zeya, Undersecretary of State for Civil Security, Democracy and Human Rights, indicated that “countries in practically all regions of the world have experienced degrees of democratic decline.”

The meeting provoked furious reactions from adversaries in the United States and the countries that were not invited.

The list has other notable absences, such as Hungary and Turkey.

Likewise, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras were not summoned from Latin America, countries considered key by Washington to confront the massive migratory flow, and neither will Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba participate.


The US Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, made a self-criticism yesterday and admitted that her country is, at the moment, “the best place to hide and launder illicit profits” through shell companies because of the ease with which they can be created. this type of signature.

“There are too many dark financial zones in the United States that harbor corruption,” he insisted.


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