Demon Slayer 2 has revealed important details on Tanjiro’s earrings

Long last Demon Slayer 2, after the “summary” episodes that retraced the events of the film The Mugen Train, inaugurated the narrative arc of Red light district who immediately revealed important details about the character of Tanjiro and, in particular, on her earrings.

The accessory worn by the protagonist, already at the center of some controversy that forced Netflix to censor earrings in South Korea, provoked a violent reaction also in Shinjuro, the father of the Pillar of Flame Kyojuro Rengoku.

For now I will stop writing this article for a moment because I advise you not to continue reading if you do not want to run into spoilers of the second season of Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer 2 and Tanjiro’s earrings

After the sad ending of Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train, Tanjiro traveled to Kyojuro’s family where he met both the Demon Slayer father and brother Shinjuro.

The man, at the sight of the earrings, harshly reprimanded Tanjiro accusing him of practicing without respect and honor theHinokami Kagura, or the Dance of the God of Fire linked to Breathing of the Sun, one of the Demon Slayer fighting techniques, even the oldest that gave rise to all the others.

We thus discover that the earrings are linked to this particular technique with Shinjuro Rengoku who nevertheless realizes how the boy was unaware of it, since Kyojuro himself had promised Tanjiro to tell him everything about the Breathing of the Sun and the fact that even the the young man’s father knew the style of Hinokami Kagura, anticipating still unknown secrets related to the Kamado family.

Demon Slayer season two details and trailers

As mentioned, the first seven episodes of Demon Slayer 2, which act as a link with the feature film, have seen among other things Kyojuro Rengoku engaged in a mission prior to what happened in Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen Train.

Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc will see Tanjiro and his companions engaged in a new mission in the entertainment district of Yoshiwara and will face the demon Daki, one of the 12 Demonic Moons. Together with the three young ammazademoni and Nezuko there will also be Tengenh Uzui, one of nine Pillars of Demon Slayer.

Haruo Sotozaki has returned to direct Demon Slayer 2 at the studios of ufotable with Akira Matsushima back to the character design of the characters. Confirmations also regarding the vocal cast of the first season that will see Katsuyuki Konishi give voice to Tengen Uzui.

Recall that the first season of the animated series is present on VVVVID, Netflix And Prime Video, while the feature film Il Treno Mugen is present in the Prime Video catalog.

In Italy, the manga by Koyoharu Gotoge is published by Star Comics.

Plot of the Demon Slayer manga

Japan, Taisho period. Tanjiro is a kindhearted boy, the eldest son of a large family without a father, who lives in the mountains and sells coal to live and who one day, returning from the city, finds his family massacred by a demon.

To make matters worse, her younger sister Nezuko, the only survivor of the massacre, has been turned into a demon herself.

Although devastated by this tragedy, Tanjiro decides to become a demon slayer, a “demon hunter, with the aim of saving his sister from the curse by making her return to human and hunt down the demon who slaughtered his family to kill him and avenge the loved ones. so that he can turn his sister into a human and kill the demon who slaughtered his family.


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