Demos offers three grants of 300,000 euros to projects that promote the circular economy in rural areas

The Demos callpromoted by the Cotec Foundation for innovation, has launched three grants of 300,000 euros (taxes included) to projects of circular economy that are in the ideation phase, ready to implement, and that are going to be developed in rural communities of less than 5,000 inhabitants.

The application period will be open until March 5. All the information, in addition to the bases and the registration file, are available on this website.

The projects that are selected will become demonstrators for two years. The objective of Cotec is to measure the social, economic and environmental impact of the circular economy in local communities, with the idea of ​​generating evidence that facilitates decision-making at the political, industrial and community level.

Some examples of types of projects being sought are: rural energy communities; initiatives to reuse agricultural, livestock or forest residues; initiatives to promote the shared use of agricultural machinery, equipment or means of transport; initiatives to promote the repair and/or reconditioning of belongings, among others.


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Demonstrator candidates should aspire to provoke a systemic change in their environment through the alternative model of production and consumption represented by the circular economy. The candidacies presented must have clear leadership and well-defined local coordination. The finalist projects will also be chosen based on the feasibility and expected impact of the projects, as well as the facilities that are guaranteed to measure said impact.

Cotec has been a pioneer organization in Spain in the study and promotion of the circular economy. In 2017, he produced an informative documentary short film on the concept that has become an international reference and already has nearly 3 million views on YouTube alone. In addition, every two years Cotec publishes the report Situation and evolution of the circular economy in Spainwhich this year will reach the fourth edition.

The Demos Project is part of the Allen plan of the Ikea company -advisory member of Cotec-. The Allen Plan is an IKEA initiative to contribute to the recovery of the Spanish economy and society after the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Its main objective is to create employment and promote the generation of sustainable development. The Allen Plan, endowed with more than 10 million euros, will be carried out between 2022 and 2025. In addition to Cotec, three other entities are part of the Allen Plan: WWF, Fademur and Ashoka.

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