Denon Noise Canceling Earbuds, a simple and inexpensive wireless headphones

Increasing the increasingly interesting offer of premium audio, the Japanese manufacturer has presented the new Denon Noise Canceling Earbuds, its first completely wireless headphones (TWS or True Wireless) based on Bluetooth connectivity, and adding other features such as ANC noise cancellation technology.

A classic and sober design that, according to the company, has been carefully designed to offer great comfort, with a touch sensor for actions, including up to three different sized silicone pads, and maintaining a weight of just 5.3 grams for each earphone. All this accompanied by an IP4X certification for water resistance.

Inside, the Denon Noise Canceling Earbuds are made up of 11 millimeter diaphragm speakers, backed by an active noise cancellation system that will reduce the ambient noise of our reproductions through two microphones and a processor dedicated exclusively for this purpose. Although this does not imply that we cannot make calls, since the headphones still save space for a third dedicated microphone.

In addition, the headphones also incorporate a function to detect when they are being used and when we remove them from our ears, with a smart function that will automatically stop the music when we take them off.

Regarding its connectivity, the Denon Noise Canceling Earbuds will be based on a wireless connection Bluetooth 5.0 LE with Google Fast Pair function, which will allow us to synchronize them more quickly with Android devices (although we still have support for iOS).

Finally, with regard to its battery, the company promises an autonomy of up to 4.8 hours with active noise cancellation, and up to 6 hours of continuous use without it. Although to this we must add the load of your case, which will allow us to increase total autonomy by up to 24 hours thereof.

Availability and price

Although the new Denon Noise Canceling Earbuds (AH-C830NCW) have been presented globally, at the moment a specific availability date for our country has not been confirmed. Even so, we already know their prices for Europe, and presumably Spain once they are available, reaching a fairly reciprocated 159 euros.

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