Denuvo announces SecureDLC to protect against illegal access to content

Denuvo it is a component that is apparently better at angering legal users than doing its job: protecting content from piracy. Despite the controversy, developers and publishers continue to rely on such DRM, so Irdeto, the company that develops it, has announced SecureDLCan optional mechanism offered to game developers that handles protect microtransactions on platforms such as Steam, the Microsoft Store, and the Epic Games Store.

Irdeto has motivated the existence of SecureDLC in the fact that, according to its criteria, the existing protections for DLC packages can be easily circumvented by game owners with easy-to-find tools, making them able to access additional or premium content. for those who have not paid.

At this point, DLCs are something normalized in the video game industry, although for a long time they were demonized due to the dishonest use that many companies gave them (and continue to give them in certain cases), especially some like Capcom, which began to rectify after the huge bump that occurred with Street Fighter V.

Basic scheme of SecureDLC, the mechanism of Irdeto (responsible for Denuvo) to protect DLC.

Irdeto has published information about SecureDLC on a dedicated website, through which it states that its implementation in the DLC by the developers is simple because it is a small, simple process that requires little code modification and is based on an API. Also, it is sold as “the first solution in the industry that addresses this problem”.

The company has said that SecureDLC is now available to developers using Denuvo and that it is happy to offer its customers a mechanism to help them secure and maximize revenue, as well as enable new business models for them to use. developers can monetize their efforts.

As we can see, Irdeto is willing to give everything to fight against piracy and illegal access to content, although many users will surely understand or interpret SecureDLC as Denuvo’s new way of penalizing them for acquiring material legally. The debate is served.

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