Denuvo blocks the games of thousands of users when one of their web domains expires

Last night, social media was filled with thousands of complaints from players who saw access to their games blocked due to an unexpected error in the Denuvo anti-piracy shield. And it is that although the company has not wanted to give any official explanation about it yet, it seems that someone allowed one of the domains used by its technology to expire, causing the tool to malfunction for a large segment of gamers.

An anger that was undoubtedly accentuated by the numerous complaints accumulated about this service, which we have not only seen violated on numerous occasions, but has starred in other controversies such as the impact on the performance of the games that incorporate it. However, seeing how an anti-piracy tool blocks our games after we have paid for them seems to have been the last straw.

Specifically, this disaster occurred around the recently released Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy for Steam, with a fairly extensive thread of complaints on the gaming platform’s forum. After a long bewilderment, after complaining to Square Enix support, a Steam user managed to get confirmation and acknowledgment from the company that the problem it was exclusively linked to the connectivity with the servers, somewhat ironic for a game exclusively for a single player.

So, for hours, the players just got silence or answers like “Unfortunately, I do not have an estimated time for resolution. But our team is working on it” and “I hope for a quick resolution. The problem seems to be on our side, we will probably publish more information in our official media”.

Once the problem escalated to social networks, finally Alex Buckland, DRM provider for all affected games, clarified that it was a problem unique to Denuvo, after having allowed one of the key domains for the operation of your tool to expire, leaving the system inoperable.

Interestingly, Buckland offered a screenshot of his WHOIS records, identifying the domain “”, shedding light that the domain would not have expired recently, but last September 24, 2021. Finally, it seems that “Someone” has renewed this domain, restoring normality to the players, although at the moment it is unknown if it is Denuvo herself or a good Samaritan.

However, still It remains to be seen if Denuvo is finally officially pronounced regarding this problem, expecting at least a public apology for what happened. What is clear is that, regardless of its performance, this anti-piracy service continues to accumulate an increasingly worse impression among users.

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