Design the new weapons in CS: GO and win $ 100,000

Design your own Counter Strike weapon

If you like video games, surely on more than one occasion you have imagined that you would like to be able to change or design your own elements for the game. Well, you may be in luck if, in addition, you are a fan of Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS: GO as it is usually known among its fans.

Valve has created a contest with which they hope to attract all that talent that they are clear that exists behind their community of players as well as artists who work on this character design and other related elements. The objective of it? Get out new ideas for future weapons within CS: GO.

Well, weapons and some original look with which you can demonstrate not only your drawing skills, but also that ability to give the popular title a different look. Something that we have already seen that in other games such as Fortnite and the like continues to work very well, although not only that, it is also great in terms of extra income for the company with the sale of skins and other aesthetic elements.

So, if you think you are good at this and you can come up with different designs, etc., relax because you can send as many as you want. The only thing you do have to be clear about is that Maximum shipping date will be next October 21.

There is plenty of time, it is true, to rethink well what you want to do and how. Because the execution and final quality will be put to the judgment of a jury that will have to choose the 10 best creations. Those creations will achieve a $ 100,000 prize for each one, so in total Valve will invest 1,000,000 euros in said action.

In addition, the winners, which will be announced on November 21, 2021, will see their designs come to life in a future version of CS: GO.

Dreams & Nightmares: CS: GO Art Contest

On the Counter Strike page they have created the Dreams section that gives access to all the information related to the contest. From the deadline, when the winners will be announced and even the odd example of what is expected or could be done. In case you weren’t quite sure yet what the whole thing is about.

In addition, as they indicate, there is also the option to adapt the existing work in said game. Modifying aesthetic aspects or whatever else you can think of. Here as a creative it is you who decides. What is clear is that it must be gratifying to know that later millions of people are going to use and, perhaps, adore that design that you made.

And yes, it does not matter that you have never played CS: GO in your life. If you did, you may start with a little extra advantage, but if not, the important thing is that you get all your talent, because $ 100,000 could end up in your pocket.

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