Design your own browser themes with Chrome Theme Studio

In general, if we want to change the appearance of our browser, we can download and install different themes. Chrome has its own theme store included in its Web Store that we can download for both the browser itself and for Edge. This will allow us to have different options created by third parties to always have a more visually attractive browser, regardless of the classic colors that it incorporates by default.

But the ideal, if we want to have a completely exclusive and personalized web browser, is to have the possibility of create our own themes to be able to install them later. This is something that we can easily do with a web application created directly by Google and that offers compatibility with Chrome, Edge and other browsers that are based on Chromium.

What is Chrome Theme Studio

Have we ever thought that our browser is boring, tasteless and old? If so, we can’t miss Chrome Theme Studio. It is a free online tool created and developed by Google through which we can create our own custom themes for Chrome, Edge, and any other browser that is based on Chromium.

Thanks to this web application we can have a visual aspect more in line with our tastes. In addition, it will not be necessary to have design knowledge to be able to create our own themes with which to give our browser an exclusive and original touch, completely personalized to our liking.

This application will only allow us to create themes based on colors without the possibility of including images, in exchange for being able to process the theme both in incognito and inactive mode. Now that we know a little more about this Google application to create themes, let’s see how we can create them.

Create a theme with Chrome Theme Studio

If we are willing to create our own themes with Chrome Theme Studio, just access its website by clicking on this link. The composition process is very simple and does not require any type of registration to start. Once we have accessed, a panel appears with everything necessary to create our themes. While the page is completely in English, it should not be a problem.

The whole process of creating our theme can be reduced to selecting the colors of the different elements that make up our browser. We find three modes, the “Universal”, “Active” and “Incognito”. Within each one we can modify the color of the different components, just by clicking on its corresponding box.

For example, within the Universal section, we can configure the color for the toolbar, the toolbar button icon, the bar text, the bar background, the tab text and the marker when in mode incognito or inactive.

Chrome Theme Studio incognito and inactive

It will only be necessary to click on its corresponding square so that a color scale appears that will allow us to select the appropriate tone that we need for each of the elements. On the bottom has a preview that will show us at all times how our browser will look as we personalize it.

Chrome Theme Studio download screen

Once we have finished with the process of creating our theme, we only have to download it to be able to install it in our browser. To do this, we must press the “Download theme” button that is located in the upper right part of the screen. Once pressed, we must choose the path where the theme will be saved, which will be compressed within a ZIP folder.

Install themes created with Chrome Theme Studio

Once we have created our custom theme, it is time to apply it to our browser. Next, we are going to see how the process would be in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, although, as we have commented previously, themes created with Chrome Theme Studio should be able to be compatible with any other browser that is based on Chromium.

To install our new theme we will have to follow a few simple steps. The first thing will be to unzip the theme that we have downloaded and that is in ZIP format. For this we can use any file compressor that we have installed such as WinRAR, WinZIP, etc.

In Chrome

To use our theme to customize the Google browser, the first thing we must do is open Chrome and type in the search bar the following:


Once inside, we must make sure have activated the “Developer Mode”. To do this, click on the button in the upper right. We should not worry about its activation, since it is only about loading a theme not an extension, so it cannot create any problem to our browser.

Chrome extensions developer mode and unzipped upload

Later we must click on the button «Load unzipped»And select the folder that contains our theme. Once this is done, the theme will be applied directly to our browser. Once the theme is installed, in case it does not finish liking it as it is, we can click on the «Undo» button, to return to the previous state.

Chrome theme loaded Undo

In Edge

In the event that we want to customize in the Microsoft browser, the steps to be carried out are similar to those of Chrome, so its realization should not present any problem, as we will see below. The first thing will be to open the browser and write the following text in the search bar:


Once the extensions page appears, we must activate the “Developer mode” that we find in the lower left. Once this is done, different buttons will appear on the right side of the screen. Among them, we must click on Load unpacked. This will open a Windows Explorer window for us to select the unzipped folder that contains our theme.

Chrome extensions developer mode and unzipped upload

Once this is done, the created theme will immediately add to the aesthetic of Edge. In the event that we finally do not like the result, we can regulate it by clicking on the “Undo” button that appears at the top of the screen, to return to the previous topic.

Chrome theme loaded Undo

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