Desktop CPU sales see historic drop

The PC market is navigating in troubled waters, and component suppliers are the first to be affected. Sales of processors are at their worst: Intel is collapsing, while AMD manages to withstand the shock.

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Based on the latest quarterly results from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA, Mercury Research has published a report on the state of the processor market worldwide in the second quarter of 2022. And the least we can say is is that it’s not the great shape. According to the analyst firm, sales of desktop processors have seen the biggest year-over-year decline since Mercury Research began tracking them, in 28 years. But according to Mercury Research, the president of the firm, it would be the most important fall since 1984, that is to say for 36 years.

The main reason for this worrying performance is attributed to the reduction in inventories and production by manufacturers, which would have greatly reduced the demand for computer equipment in recent months. And the situation is not about to get better with the economic crisis that we are experiencing, inflation leading to a sharp drop in household purchasing power. Intel has already announced that the price of processors will be revised upwards from the start of the 2022 school year.

The CPU market in trouble, AMD is doing well, Intel is sinking

Intel and AMD expect the market for PCs, desktops and laptops, to continue to suffer in the coming months, with sales falling by more than 10%. Intel is the main victim in the CPU segment, even registering losses. We reported to you that NVIDIA also had a bad quarter for graphics cards.

In both cases, CPU or GPU, it’s AMD that cashes the best. As its new Ryzen 7000 CPUs prepare for launch, AMD has reported an increase in revenue of around 70% compared to the second quarter of last year. AMD now holds 20.6% of the desktop CPU market share, up 3.5 points from 2021. On laptop CPUs, this share rises to 24.8%, or 4.8 points of growth. more than last year.

Source : Tom’s Hardware

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