Desktops in the cloud: benefits they bring us when teleworking

Faced with the possibility of eliminating the need for additional business hardware, using a virtualized desktop in Windows does not allow for a more secure and productive experience, with the ability to access it anytime, anywhere.

What are cloud desktops

When we talk about desktops in the cloud, we are not referring to desktops that are not physically located on our computer, but are stored on a central server, to which we can access remotely. In this way, we will always be able to access all the content that we have on it from any device, obtaining an experience similar to that of using a physical desktop. This is especially beneficial in a work environment, where telecommuting has been quite popular over the past year.

viryuales desk

So, with desktops in the cloud, we will be able to access our work tools without having to be seated in front of the office computer, all remotely from anywhere and with any computer. From there, we will also have access to storage, applications, processes, etc., obtaining an experience similar to what we would have sitting in front of a physical computer.

Benefits of using these desks

When we talk about the advantages of using desktops in the cloud, the main one is highly secure and isolateds, since all the applications are installed on a remote server or in a cloud, not from the physical computer where we work. In this way, any risk associated with viruses, malware, data theft or breakdowns of our PC is reduced. There are no risks of data loss since everything is managed from a single central console.

We also obtain other series of advantages such as avoid operating system versions and patches. We also avoid having to be aware of the hardware of our computer, suffering compatibility problems with programs, thus performing all tasks from any device and place. In addition, with regard to the environment, hosted virtualized servers and desktops are capable of offering a higher energy efficiency, achieving energy savings much higher than the constant use of computers in the office.

However, not everything is positive in cloud desktops. As is often the case with everything, they also have some disadvantages that should be taken into account. The main drawback is that the system in charge of supporting virtualization must be very powerful, since it will need sufficient resources for its execution. Therefore, both the processor, the disk or the RAM, among other sections, must be up to par if we do not want the user experience to be certainly diminished.

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