Despite controversy, Twitch has a record year

The year 2021 did not always make the good press on Twitch. However, the Amazon platform is recording audiences on the rise.

24 billion. This is the number of hours of video watched by Twitch viewers in 2021. A record that makes you dizzy, and for good reason: the platform recorded a audience increase of over 45% compared to the previous year.

According to and StreamElements, the year 2021 would have been fruitful for the Amazon subsidiary. Despite a smaller increase than Facebook Gaming, which recorded a 47% increase over the year with now 5 billion hours on the clock, Twitch therefore remains the only master on board. in the live streaming market.

Video games still top 1

Initially known for its video game streams, Twitch has since diversified widely, and offers both ASMR and a special category. “Pools and Jacuzzis”. However, the site remains very popular with video game enthusiasts. This is the title GTA V which also wins the most popular license award, with 2.1 billion cumulative viewing hours alone, an increase of 175% over last year. Comes next League of Legends. In addition to invading Netflix with the excellent series Arcane this year, the MOBA of Riot Games has accumulated 1.8 million hours viewed, and an increase of 28.5%.

At the end of the podium, it’s Fortnite which brings up the rear, with 1 billion hours watched and a 10.6% increase over the year. The Battle Royale of Epic Games has been able to count this year on several live concerts organized, and ever more epic partnerships, as recently with Spider-Man No Way Home.

Despite the controversy, Twitch is doing well

So it’s a good year that ends for Twitch. However, the platform did not know all the good news in 2021. We remember in particular the massive leak that occurred in October, which in addition to revealing several confidential information, such as the salaries of influencers or a secret project on which the company, has mainly pinpointed significant security vulnerabilities. In November, we learned that the firm had – despite itself – allowed crooks to launder more than eight million euros, but also that it kept a list of streamers. “Not to be banned”. Obviously nothing to scratch its reputation with the general public.

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