Despite not having stock, PS5 and Xbox achieve record sales

10 million PS5

That is the figure that Sony has published with great pride through a press release in which they announce that PS5 continues to be the console that has sold the most in the history of the company, surpassing the PS4 colossus at the same time. No less than 10 million consoles since the product went on sale last November, a figure that has special value if we take into account the difficulties in distribution that the company is suffering.

All these sales have also dragged sales in games, leading to Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales up to 6.5 million copies sold, ahead of the 4 million copies of MBL The Show 21 with 4 million (although all the platforms on which it is available are added here) and the 1.1 million copies that Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart It has managed to sell since it went on sale on June 11.

Jim Ryan wants more

PS5 Jim Ryan

But the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment wants more. Ryan knows that the PS5 ceiling is even higher, and as he indicates, the demand for the console is still high, so they will continue working so that the supply can continue to meet the needs of the players.

Microsoft also boasts of sales

Xbox Series X review

On the other side we have Microsoft, which through Satya Nadella has announced that the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S they have been the fastest-selling consoles in Microsoft’s history. Unfortunately the brand still does not give figures, although from Niko Partners analysts with Daniel Ahmad in the lead, they estimate that both consoles could have reached 6.5 million units sold.

This represents a significant growth from the 5.7 million Xbox One that were sold during the same launch period, or the 5 million Xbox 360, and although it still does not reach Sony’s numbers, it shows an excellent work that will continue to collect fruits in the coming years.

What future awaits us?

Right now there is no doubt that manufacturers are working at full speed to be able to deliver the largest number of consoles to distributors as soon as possible. The demand continues to be higher than the supply, so it translates into a lost opportunity, since each unsold console could be an opportunity for the rival, hence they have a special interest in being able to recover the rhythm of deliveries, and thus relaunch sales with a new record of which we still do not know where the limit will be.

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