DHCP Lookup Error: What It Is And How To Fix It

What is DHCP Lookup error in Windows

Windows It is undoubtedly the most widely used operating system on desktop computers today. It has a wide range of possibilities in terms of programs and tools. This means that in the event of a problem, many users may be affected. Keep in mind that on many occasions it is the system itself that shows us a message so that we know why we cannot enter a website or why a process does not work correctly.

That is what happens when the failure appears DHCP Lookup. DHCP is the dynamic host configuration protocol. It is used to manage and automate the process of assigning an IP so that devices can be accessed individually.

This error could appear if for example we have configured the routeras it acts as a DHCP device. When starting a computer, what it does is look for a device or DHCP server and thus be able to obtain an IP. In case of misconfiguration, the DHCP Lookup error might appear.

In case this problem appears we could have limitations to access a device connected to the network. We would have to find a way to resolve the failure. Luckily we can take into account some tips, as we are going to see.

How to fix the DHCP Lookup error

As usually happens when an error of this type appears, especially when it comes to network connected devices, we can consider some steps. This way we will be able to avoid the problem and be able to navigate normally. This type of error could cause our computers not to connect to the network or have complications when trying to navigate.

Renew the IP address

In Windows 10 we can take into account a first step that would be renew IP address to avoid the DHCP Lookup error. This process is very simple and you just have to follow the steps that we are going to show below.

The first thing we have to do is go to Start and access the Command Prompt and once there execute the command ipconfig / renew. What this command does is force our team to connect with DHCP and thus obtain a new IP address.

Restart the router and computer

Another very simple question that we can take into account is to restart both the router and our computer. Of course, in the first case, at reboot the router it has to be done correctly. It is not enough to turn the device off and on again, but we must keep it off for at least half a minute and then turn it on again. In this way we will achieve a proper restart.

Many network related problems can be solved by restarting the access point and the device we are having problems with. Sometimes a conflict may have arisen between teams and in a simple way we can solve it.

Run the Windows troubleshooter

We can also make use of the problem solver that comes integrated with the Windows operating system itself. This can be useful to solve certain problems related to the network and that could prevent us from browsing normally.

To run the Windows 10 troubleshooter we have to go to Start, go into Settings and go to Network and Internet. There we have to look for the Network troubleshooter section. It’s at the bottom, in the Status tab.

Run the Windows troubleshooter

It is a simple and fast process. We simply have to complete it and check if this solves the DHCP Lookup error.

Reset the network

This solution can solve problems of this type that may affect the network in Windows. It is again a simple process that we can carry out and that could come in handy to avoid complications of this type.

Once again we have to go to Start, enter Settings, access Network and Internet and once we are here we click on Network reset, which is the option below.

Basically what it does is remove and reinstall all network drivers and go back to the original settings. In this way we could avoid problems in case we had touched something in the configuration and it is generating a conflict.

Reset the network

When we are at this point, it will ask us for confirmation, as we can see in the image above. The computer will restart and completely reset the network.

Change subnet class

This would only have to be changed if we had many computers connected to a network. It mainly affects companies and places where more than 200 devices are connected at the same time. We generally use the mask of subnet

The idea in this case is to switch to the class A or class B of subnet. We would use the subnet mask or, respectively. We would have to access the router for this. It is important that we know what the default gateway is, which is generally

In case we do not know what is the default gateway of our router and we need to access it, we can find out in a very simple way. You just have to go to Start, open the Command Prompt and run ipconfig. It will show us a series of information related to our network and within this data we can see the default gateway.

Ultimately, by following these steps we can solve the DHCP Lookup error. This is a failure that could appear and make it impossible to connect properly to the network. We have looked at some options available to us to try to fix the problem.

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