Diablo Immortal and the problem of being a good player based on paying: you will not be able to play against anyone

The controversy surrounding Diablo Immortal and its micropayment system is far from over. In recent months we have clearly seen that, despite becoming one of the worst rated games on Metacritic, this title has been able to attract the attention of a large number of players, and has generated a huge amount of money.

It is clear that there are people who prefer to pay money to advance and improve in a video game instead of investing time and effort, but curiously this fact has also been revealed another of the most important problems of Diablo Immortal which, until now, had remained hidden. Paying a lot of money to upgrade your character can “make you a good player,” in quotes for obvious reasons, but it can also elevate you to a level where you already you will have no rival because, plain and simple, nobody is willing to spend the money you have invested into a video game character.

That is precisely what has happened to a youtuber who has spent nothing more and nothing less than 100,000 dollars to improve his Diablo Immortal character. By taking his character to the extreme with that investment he was able to get a record between 300 and 450 wins, and only three losses. With that record, he has placed himself at such a high level that Diablo Immortal’s own PvP matchmaking system is unable to match him up.

Because of that, this youtuber finds no rivals in PvP, and therefore cannot take his $100,000 “mega character” for a walk. What can I say, first world problems. The fact is that he has tried to solve the problem in every possible way, he has contacted Blizzard and its employees, but they have only told him that they hope to “solve it in a few weeks”, a promise that in the end they have not fulfilled.

The affected has confirmed that he is considering requesting a refund because he cannot do the activity that he likes the most in the game. On the other hand, he has also confirmed that this problem prevents you from making money creating content related to Diablo Immortal, and that he is even considering enlisting the services of a lawyer.

go ahead that everyone can do with their money what they want, and that if this person has decided to spend more than 100,000 dollars on a video game character and then create content and make money, it is, without a doubt, a way to invest. However, it is clear that It is an investment that involved risk.since not everyone can afford to spend that money on a video game, and at the same time the matchmaking system seeks fair and balanced combat.

I don’t know what solution would be fair, in this case, for this person, but of course what cannot be expected is that he be paired with other players who have not invested as much money in their characters, or who simply have not wanted to spend any of their money. any. Making money at the expense of frustrating others is also not acceptable.

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