Diablo IV leaks, videos and betas

It looks like today is the day for highly anticipated game leaks. And it is that if this morning we echoed a massive leak of recordings of the future GTA 6, this afternoon the protagonist is Diablo IV, a title that we have been waiting for several years, and that fortunately seems to be getting closer every day. And it is that in addition to two videos of what would be a previous version of development (it is understood that it currently looks better than in them), there are also some interesting data regarding the next steps in its development.

Starting with the leak, Reddit user iV1rus0 has found two videos uploaded anonymously to a file-sharing website, one of which contains 38 minutes of Diablo IV footage and the other 5 minutes more. The website with these videos is and you can find the folder that contains them (at least until they are removed, if ever) at this link. What we can see in the video is a “normal” game, which allows us to continue feeding the hypewhen a little over a month has passed since the last leak, in which we could see the customization section.

In the videos we can see that much of the game already seems functional, a good sign that would indicate that its development is already quite advanced. Nevertheless we cannot say the same of the graphic sectionwhich shows the whole world aspect of being a version alpha. We can understand, therefore, that we are currently at a point where development should no longer cause too many problems and that, therefore, the focus is now on the artistic part of Diablo IV. Thus, everything seems green lights for its launch sometime in 2023.

And as I indicated at the beginning, the leak of both videos is not the only interesting thing that has happened today regarding Diablo IV. Quite the contrary, Blizzard has published (yes, precisely today) a video on the game’s official YouTube channel, in which they confirm that a first private testing phase is already underwaywhich the developers call “Friends & Family” (a name used to indicate that access to it is limited to people who are very close to you.

More interesting, however, is that they have also confirmed the launch, soon (although without an exact date) of the final version of the game in the closed beta phase. Nor do they indicate what will have to be done to be able to access it, if this is possible, but because of how they pose it, everything indicates that these tests will be carried out, at least partially, in the remainder of 2022. And why? Because for early 2023 the company confirms that Diablo IV’s first public beta will open. What suddenly gives the feeling that the game is closer than ever?

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