Diablo IV open beta will start in March

The start of Diablo IV’s open beta phase is, for many, one of the most anticipated moments of the year, and there are more than enough reasons for it. To begin with, it is a title that fans of the saga have been waiting for for years, not only because of how long this type of development usually takes in normal circumstances, but also because of another series of problems that have led Blizzard to further delay its development and launch. The wait has become eternal for many.

It also happens that what we have been learning about Diablo IV in recent years was really promising. A little over a year ago we found out that Blizzard worked with the premise that it was an endless, eternal game, that is, an experience that each player could extend as long as he wanted, promising, right? And shortly after we received more specific data, such as that it will have more than 150 dungeons and 5 regions.

Closer in time, in September of last year, along with the leak of a couple of videos of its development, we finally had an official confirmation about the plans for the various beta phases of Diablo IV, such as the closed beta f&f ( friends & family) was already underway, that the closed beta of the definitive version would open shortly and that the more than expected open beta would arrive at some point in 2023. No dates, yes.

Diablo IV open beta will start in March

So, because of this leak stuff, at the end of last year we knew that Diablo IV would be released on June 5, but we still didn’t know the open beta deadlines, which is a bit puzzling, right? Well, finally Blizzard has decided to put an end to user doubts and, as we can read in an official statement, the Diablo IV open beta will open the weekend of March 17-19 for those who have pre-purchased the game. And those who haven’t? They will have to wait, but not long, since the beta will open to everyone on the weekend of March 24-26.

The statement indicates that the open beta will provide access to the prologue and the first act of the game. The first area of ​​it, called Fractured Peaks, will be fully explorable by players, but the developer has decided to set the limit at level 25. Furthermore, and as we could already imagine, the progress we make in the beta will not carry over to the definitive version of Diablo IV, if we get hold of it when it is released.

Are you going to try the open beta of Diablo IV? What do you expect from the game?

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